Get this freak arrested for attempted kidnapping in Berkley, MI on 3-22-23

On the 46th anniversary of my 11-year-old brother’s murder, some asshole in Berkley, MI, attempted to abduct a girl who was walking home around 5 p.m. The attempted abduction was near the area of Sunnyknoll and Kipling Avenues in Berkley.,+Berkley,+MI+48072/@42.4946826,-83.1889907,17z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x8824c897e437bd0f:0xd7e1a2a8111b67f6!8m2!3d42.4946787!4d-83.186802!16s/g/11f348ggn2

Luckily, the girl fought back, kicked him, and he jumped back into his white predator van.

The girl described the man as as being pale, about 6 feet, 5 inches tall, and having a medium build, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood drawn up around his face, a black beanie cap, a black COVID mask, a black The North Face jacket, ripped blue jeans, and tan work boots.

True to form, this animal pulled the same stunt the very next morning in Macomb County, this time following a teenage girl walking to her bus stop.

She described the man as as being 25-30 years old, with pale skin and glasses, dark brown, shoulder-length hair and wearing a beanie-style hat.

If you have information about this POS, who was driving a white van with no rear windows, a ladder and PVC pipe on top, with some rust on the sides, and a loud exhaust, or live in the vicinity of these incidents and have a security or doorbell camera, call Berkley PD at 248-658-3380 and Chesterfield Township PD at 586-949-2450.

He will keep trying. Somebody turn this freak in.

Thanks to a reader.

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