World’s fastest FOIA response.

This morning I submitted a FOIA request to the office of Sheriff Mike Bouchard for all files and documents, paper and electronic in the Oakland County child killer investigation. The Oakland County Records Center acknowledged my request at 10:15 am (12:15 pm ET).

A mere 15 minutes later, at 10:30 am (12:30 pm ET), Stephanie Lajdziak of the sheriff’s office responded:

“Your request for all records regarding the ‘Oakland County Child Killer’ investigation is denied; there are no records responsive to this request within the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office records. You may find the records you seek with the Michigan State Police.”

Ms. Lajdziak and Sheriff Bouchard would have me believe they always immediately send tips to the MSP and that they keep no records of any transfers or phone calls to the MSP about the OCCK case. Either that or no one bothers calling the Oakland County Sheriff about this case any more. That I can believe.

I have to hand it to these boys. “Records don’t exist” can’t be challenged the way their ongoing bullshit “open investigation” should be. Ms. Lajdziak suggests I contact her contemporary at the MSP, Lori Hinkley, who will either say “we never got anything from the Oakland County Sheriff,” or charge me $1,000 to mount a “search” and then tell me there are no records.

But this does not surprise me, Sheriff Bouchard. I know you know how to play the musical files game in the OCCK case. So far I am the one who never gets a chair, because the game is rigged. Nice big letterhead, by the way.