World’s fastest FOIA response.

This morning I submitted a FOIA request to the office of Sheriff Mike Bouchard for all files and documents, paper and electronic in the Oakland County child killer investigation. The Oakland County Records Center acknowledged my request at 10:15 am (12:15 pm ET).

A mere 15 minutes later, at 10:30 am (12:30 pm ET), Stephanie Lajdziak of the sheriff’s office responded:

“Your request for all records regarding the ‘Oakland County Child Killer’ investigation is denied; there are no records responsive to this request within the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office records. You may find the records you seek with the Michigan State Police.”

Ms. Lajdziak and Sheriff Bouchard would have me believe they always immediately send tips to the MSP and that they keep no records of any transfers or phone calls to the MSP about the OCCK case. Either that or no one bothers calling the Oakland County Sheriff about this case any more. That I can believe.

I have to hand it to these boys. “Records don’t exist” can’t be challenged the way their ongoing bullshit “open investigation” should be. Ms. Lajdziak suggests I contact her contemporary at the MSP, Lori Hinkley, who will either say “we never got anything from the Oakland County Sheriff,” or charge me $1,000 to mount a “search” and then tell me there are no records.

But this does not surprise me, Sheriff Bouchard. I know you know how to play the musical files game in the OCCK case. So far I am the one who never gets a chair, because the game is rigged. Nice big letterhead, by the way.

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  1. furious. i reached out to his office a year ago due to knowing him from my younger years and needing some help/advice, and i was treated like shit. he’s like a dictator with his strong-hold. Keep up your heroic work.

    1. Well, the real Fuhrer is dead and there are no longer any criminals at the top of the prosecutor’s office, so maybe OC will finally wake up. But sheriff terms are long and many voters are lazy. They love that “incumbent” status.

  2. I should be surprised, but I’m not. Same old response, from the same old players. It’s a shame that they treat the victims families like suspects, and the suspects with kid gloves. Thank you for your family’s diligence. Continue to be the thorn in their side. Maybe someday someone with a conscience will come forward and these horrorific crimes can be solved

  3. What a bunch of horse shit. Their response is an insult to you and the public who know there are records there. How could there not be? What if all of us just blew up the office daily with FOIA requests in the OCKC? This is infuriating…but you know that.

    1. There’s a lot of questionable things regarding L Brooks. Since day one when he step onto the big ring. 1970. Very good possibility that they knew exactly who did it. I wonder how well L Brooks knew the Hastings family?

  4. Okay, Okay now I am very sickened to think that the dang tip line was just loose ends they needed to find so they could shred the evidence, I mean I am starting to feel as though I played right into their flipping hands as they told me that they were going to research my police report and told me how wonderful it would be to find it and would get back to me in a few weeks. I waited like 3 then called back and Det Street told me he would get back to me, as the other guy answered the phone forget his name, well I asked him well did you find my report and he said well we think we have but we need to look into a few more things he is planning to call you back he knows I am on the phone with you right now. We had a lengthy conversation and he told me he was visiting Sloan soon, so I said be sure to tell him that the one that got away is talking, he said, “Oh that will be something to see the look on his face.” Okay do I know who really tried to kidnap me, no I don’t but if any of the OCCK clan knew of me they all are guilty, the young guy who tried to get us knows we exist and he knows we saw his face, blah blah I have said all this over and over again, but I am sorry to say this, now take it however you want, I feel the tip line was put in place to make sure there was not people like me who knew stuff and could identify, so sorry Cathy I believe my report has been shredded at this point, Now I am soooooooo mad that a tip line was a trick to get more information what kind of fkers are they really, um not a question a statement! I believe the tip line was a fake to shred more files, I am so sick of this case and just got 100% sicker to think they made that tip line for their advantage, it is well known they did not call many back or myself and have done nothing with our tips, hmmmm tell me what you think?

    1. I think some people close to this case are obstructionist liars–have been from the start and their underlings and successors have continued to carry the ball. And I think they are just as bad as the murdering child rapists they let walk over four decades ago.

      I also think these agencies are ill-equipped to deal with any sex crimes at all, but are completely “unmotivated” to act on anything remotely related to the OCCK crimes or the child sex/porn ring operating in Oakland County. I believe they hid and are hiding evidence because it would show an active conspiracy to kill the investigation and deceive the public. And I also believe they think the constituents of OC are easily deceived and ameliorated by their bullshit sound bites on your local news channels.

      Finally, I believe they don’t give a fucking shit about what happened to you or anyone else who has come forward in this case. They want you to go away, preferably quietly.

      1. Yeah forsure getting that now what do you think about the phone number 866-588-0569 we could blow up their phone with complaints about our investigation, I just called it and if I leave a voice mail I will hear from someone in 24 hrs on normal business days I may try this they also saidwww.police report something I think I hung up before it finished, now just think if everyone on your blog called and made a complaint against Oakland County, and MSP about the OCCK killings handkling the evidence and all the crap they have done and could send them a copy of this dang crap they sent you that you posted it here. hmmm maybe it could stir up something, I will try anything to get them in trouble for their MISCONDUCT meaning they take a fricking oathe and at the least busting them on that and work our way up. That oathe they all spoke is like whispers of words that fell to the ground and got spit on.

        1. Hey Cathy I left a message just now and told them that I was reporting the Oakland County Sheriffs office and the MSP for loss of evidence and mis handling this case, well lets see if I get a call back in 2 days, hope so this is Washington D.C. baby going to the top not playing with Michigan complaints waste of time, sure there is a chain of command to go through but this is a start if they really call back then I will make the legit complaints in writing hope that more will join me call 866-588-0569 Washington D.C. complaints against the police agencies across the United States.

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