“If you hold the mouth of Truth, it will burst out its ribcage.”

I think this proverb is particularly fitting in a case where four children were suffocated by a monster.  There is so much bursting out here, despite the doubling-down of almost every agency that has touched this case.  The Livonia PD and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office are the only exceptions. And keep in mind that the only connection Wayne County has with this case is that my brother’s body was found in a ditch just outside Oakland County, in neighboring Livonia which is in Wayne County.  All four kids lived in Oakland County and were abducted in Oakland County.  Three of the four were left dead on roadsides in Oakland County.  Beginning in March 2006 I had a good idea what the MSP and Oakland County were doing on this case.  And that’s why I didn’t even consider going to them with information I received in July 2006.  It would have never seen the light of day.

The following is a link to a letter I wrote to the editor of Downtown Publications in October 2010.  It concerns the lead that surfaced in July 2006 at a national polygraph conference.   My letter was prompted by the distortions and lies by a private polygrapher and his attorney (the “unnamed source”) in the article I was responding to.  Attorney Jane Burgess retained Larry Wasser to polygraph serial child molester Chris Busch at some point between March 1977 and November 1978 (when he allegedly offed himself).  Busch was concerned he was going to be charged with yet another CSC (criminal sexual conduct).  Burgess was on retainer–how great is a rich pedophile client?!–the cases just keep cropping up.  I presume the thought was that if this private polygraph went well, it could be used to send the prosecutor packing.  Busch’s streak of probation-only sentences could be continued and he could stay on the streets. Wasser wisely decided not to polygraph Busch that day.  This letter gives the background, although there is plenty more to the story.

This part of the tangled story started in July 2006.  It is now February 2013.  No answers.  Not one.  And, although there was much gnashing of teeth over attorney-client privilege as Wasser fought all the way to the Michigan Court of Appeals in 2007 to try to avoid revealing Chris Busch’s name—or, as it turns out, some version of touching the Busch file and saying “this looks familiar,” you can bet others besides Jane Burgess, Larry Wasser and Chris Busch knew what went down at that little Come-To-Jesus prepolygraph interview session back in the day.  Sometimes I feel like we will be the last people to know who was involved in these murders.  I’m telling you–people knew and people know now.  And probably more than just a few.

The letter is long, but pretty self-explanatory.


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