Thank you, Doug Wilson

In an earlier post I included a statement written by Doug Wilson, who was hypnotized and interviewed by the FBI and the OCCK task force in 1977, soon after my youngest brother was abducted and murdered.  I did not include his name in the post because he provided the statement to my Dad and I did not have Wilson’s permission to use his name.  I did not realize he was giving a Skype interview to a Detroit-area news channel last week and would lay it all out there.  Thank you, Doug Wilson.  You have nothing to feel bad about.  You talked to the FBI, underwent hypnosis, spoke to members of the task force at length.  Why wouldn’t you have believed that the reason the cops never went public with any of your valuable information was because “they did not want to alert the owner of the LeMans”?  Why wouldn’t you have assumed that the police followed up on the information as best they could and kept the families up to speed on your part in the investigation?  Why wouldn’t you have assumed, like we all did in B’ham until March 17, 1977, that a kid could walk up to the drug store and buy some candy without getting murdered?

What is so important about Doug’s statement is not that he saw a t.v. show about prolific serial killer John Wayne Gacy many years after these murders and thought he looked like a man he saw sitting in a car near where a younger man was talking to my brother, but that he gave the FBI information which was never acted on.  Gacy was born in 1942 and would have been one-day shy of 35 on March 16, 1977.  He was not in the 55 to 65 age range described by WIlson.  Prosecutor Cooper has dismissed Wilson’s information as “pie in the sky” because she is focusing on the name John Wayne Gacy, who liked his victims a little older and preferred to bury them in and under his house, not leave them on roadsides for all to see.  The LeMans, described by a man who was a car designer for god’s sake, is not pie in the sky.  The fact that the FBI was “excited” to have confirmation that more than one perp was involved is not pie in the sky.  The fact that Wilson was never shown photos of any suspects in connection with this case is not pie in the sky.

My Dad tracked down Doug Wilson last summer and Wilson spoke to my Dad as a well as an investigator (not law enforcement, of course).  Here is an email concerning this investigator’s discussion with Wilson:

Sent:  Tuesday, July 17, 2012 9:46 AM
Subject:  Doug Wilson

Hi Chris:
I spoke with Doug last night and would like to send out some FOIA requests today.  When you referred to the flood excuse by the FBI, what was that FOIA request specifically for?  I’m trying to be as definitive as I can in the wording of this.

Also, when you have a minute:
Did Don Studt really not know about this?
How could so much be made of the woman who was hypnotized, the Gremlin and the man of Mediterranean descent and NOTHING of this?
Wilson told me he was hypnotized twice, plus he was interviewed a couple of times at the task force headquarters at Barnum school.  He said the reason he remembered the specific model is because he was a car designer for Chrysler that model LeMans was one of his least favorite designs.  He said the process of hypnosis was very powerful, so much so that he could envision specific details that his conscious mind did not register or imprint.  So he was definitive about the color (a blue/green) and even said when they took him back to scrape the brick wall for the residue from the skateboard, he was able to count the bricks, point to where the skateboard likely hit and they found the spot where pieces of the orange neoprene had been left.

He said he saw the LeMans again with the 222 license plate drive by his home while he was mowing his lawn . . . not 1/2 mile from Poppleton Park (He lived on the corner of Hemhawk and 16 mile).  A year later the cops called him in and asked him to look at some photos concerning a woman who was raped.  He didn’t recognize anybody and that’s the last he had heard of it.

He moved to Calif. in 82 and just assumed the police had followed up as best they could and that the families of the victims had been kept up to speed on his part in the investigation.  He said he was shocked when Barry called [last summer] to say this was the first he was hearing about it.  He said he has tried in vain to remember the two FBI agents.  He said they were around about his age at the time (he’s 65 now).  I asked if maybe his ex-wife might remember but he said he hasn’t talked to her in decades.

This could not be deemed just one of many leads.  Especially since Doug says they were SO excited about his detailed memory of the Pontiac and the fact that they had determined there were two suspects at work.  He says he worked with the sketch artist to come up with a fairly good replica of the face he saw driving the car.  Again how could the LeMans, the sketch and the skateboard residue just now be coming to light? This has to be a deliberate coverup of the LeMans info, right?  Wilson obviously feels bad about this . . . like he is somehow complicit in LE dropping the ball.  How sickening.

Also, I know Cathy has changed her email address, but do you no longer have an account as well?  Thanks, [ ]

Yes, this is a deliberate cover-up of the LeMans info.  And this is only one of a few examples of how this LeMans information was deep-sixed by the FBI as well as the MSP.  The FBI has still not responded to the FOIA request on the Wilson information almost seven months later.  According to the FBI the typical turn-around on a FOIA request like this is 156 days (5.2 months).  It’s been almost 7 months and the investigator working on this was told some responsive documents have been located.  So apparently the flood that consumed the FBI documents my Dad requested via FOIA did not swallow up these documents.

I agree with some of the internet chatter about this case stating this is far bigger than just Oakland County, MI.  The FBI was investigating a huge, interstate network of pedophile rings during the time these kids went missing.  Prosecutors in Ann Arbor and Northern Michigan gave Michigan multi-millionaire pedophile king-pin Francis (Frank) Shelden plenty of time to destroy his list of clients and flee the country.  Maybe the FBI gave immunity to an Oakland County creep in an effort to bust up these pedophile rings and–whoops!!!–immunized someone who turned out to be a serial killer.

The FBI and the MSP have something to hide here.  I believe the Berkley, MI PD has a lot to hide, as does the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, past and present.  Cops who worked with and lied to my Dad for decades have something to hide and apparently no shame.  The memory of Mark, Jill, Kristine, Tim and any other children murdered by “the OCCK” has been desecrated by all of these agencies.

After details about this failed investigation went public in late 2009, a neighbor of my Dad’s told my brother he had seen him and my Dad interviewed on t.v., then asked “But you don’t really believe the police would do that, do you?”  Yes, neighbor.  We do.

Acts of Kindness in the Face of Sickness and Incompetence

People have not forgotten.  From a recent email to my Dad:

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 7:17 PM
To: Barry King
Subject: Thank you
Good evening, Mr. King.

I’m sure you don’t remember me but my name is [] and I grew up in Troy and was a parishioner at Holy Name in Birmingham.  I was in fact in CCD classes for several years with your son, Tim.  My parents, [], were also friends with acquaintances of yours [].

Over many years I’ve watched you fight for justice with MSP and law enforcement, in order to get the truth about what happened to your son and the other children who were murdered by the Oakland County Killer. 

I want to express my sincere thanks to you for all you’ve done and I admire you for your strength and persistence.  You’ve represented all of us who were scared, terrified, and who want justice to be reached and gain some type of closure in this case.

I moved from Troy in 1983 after high school and currently I reside in [], but have followed the proceedings of this matter very closely for 20+ years.  The internet is an amazing tool.

Thank you again.  My thoughts are with you and your family.

Kind regards,