“Now therefore, and be it known henceforth, it shall be the primary goal of the National Polygraph Association to foster and perpetuate an accurate, reliable, and scientific means for the protection of the truthful and innocent individual.”—Preamble to the NPA Constitution

The following is quoted from documents provided by the MSP in response to my Dad’s FOIA lawsuit.  The almost 4,000 pages were “Bates stamped” upon receipt to identify and automatically consecutively number the documents as received from the MSP.  Page references refer to the Bates numbering.   Names and other sections are redacted, but it you read my earlier posts, you know I can fill in many of the blanks quite easily.  Specifically, this is an incredibly detailed narrative report prepared by the Livonia PD detective I called in July 2007.  As you recall, there was no way I was going to call this information in to any of the other agencies that had already made it plain they were playing a shell game.

A couple of things to note–  (1) This detective returns my phone call on July 31, 2007.  As I have stated previously, less than five months later we would learn July 31 was the birth date of Christopher Busch.  Kind of like the Universe was sending a little “Happy Birthday” message to someone in one of the front row seats in Hell.  (2) The narrative report I am quoting from contains contemporaneous notes—this is what was recorded when it happened, as it happened.  (3) After I finish quoting from the log entries for this aspect of the investigation (it will take a while), you will see how efficiently and directly the Livonia PD and Wayne County handled this lead.  When the MSP and the FBI had to be consulted to continue the investigation into this lead, things slowed to a near standstill.  The foot-dragging was inexplicable and excruciating.  But here’s a view into a part of the investigation that proceeded at a very respectable clip.

7-31-2007:  I returned a phone message today from Cathy Broad (King), Timothy King’s older sister who is an attorney living in the Chicago area.  Cathy told me that she received some information from a friend of hers that she wanted to relay to me that may be a good lead in her brother’s case.  She told me that she has been in contact with her brother Chris, who resides in the Detroit area, about this information and advised her to call Sgt. Williams at the Livonia police Department.  I have had the opportunity to meet Chris King a couple times during the past couple of years, while investigating the Ted Lamborgine lead, in the Oakland County Child Killing (OCCK) case.

Cathy began by telling me that a close friend of hers, that she grew up with named [Patrick Coffey] is a private Polygraph Examiner in the State of California and attended a Polygraph Examiners Convention in Las Vegas approximately a year ago.  While at this convention, [Coffey] struck up a conversation with another examiner attending the conference, after noticing the other examiner was from Southfield, Michigan.  This other examiner [Coffey] spoke with is named [Laurence Wasser] who] runs a private polygraph business in Southfield, Michigan and has been a licensed examiner in Michigan since 1975.  During this conversation, [Coffey] told [Wasser] that he became an examiner because of a close friend & neighbor of his while growing up in Birmingham, MI., that was abducted and killed in 1977 named Timothy King.  Cathy King stated that [Coffey] told her that [Wasser] was visibly stunned & shaken when [Coffey] talked about his close friend being Timothy King.  According to [  ], body language and overall reaction and mood change indicated to [Coffey] that he had “struck a nerve” with [Wasser] when saying the name Timothy King.  Cathy told me that [Coffey] stated to her that [Wasser] then reminded [Coffey] of their obligation to the Polygraph Examiner/Client confidentiality privilege, telling [Coffey] that he polygraphed a guy 30 years ago to being involved in the Oakland County Child Killings.  [Wasser] told [Coffey] that the suspect was brought into his office by the suspect’s attorney for a polygraph unrelated to the child killings, at which time the suspect confessed to killing Timothy King.  Cathy related to me that [Coffey] told her [Wasser] stated that the suspect is now deceased and so is his attorney.  Cathy also relayed to me that [Wasser] is supposed to be approximately 60 years old.

7-31-2007:  I performed a computer check through Lexis-Nexis in an attempt to locate [Larry Wasser].  This check showed a [   ] with an active Polygraph Examiners license since 1975, located at [   ].  This license type showed him to be a private polygraph examiner.  I performed a check on [   ] though the LEIN and Secretary of State, which showed [   ] to be born [   ] and to reside at [   ].  This check also revealed [rest of sentence redacted].

7-31-2007  I called Rob Moran (Chief of the Homicide Unit at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office) about this information.  Moran stated that he wanted to have a couple of days to research the law on the attorney/client & polygraph examiner/ client privilege in Michigan.

8-8-2007:  I talked to Moran today who stated that he believed we could obtain the information from [Wasser] we needed for an investigation, through an investigative subpoena served on [Wasser] that would compel him to appear in Circuit Court and supply us with the information about this suspect and the possible confession, and also to provide any files/records he has relating to this polygraph interview.

(FOIA document pages 01190-91.)

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