“Dedicated to Truth”–American Polygraph Association

As a preface to tomorrow’s post, let me just say that the MSP and Jessica Cooper’s office (Oakland County Prosector–OCP) will not take any of this lying down.  They don’t take well to any questioning of their authority.  Retaliation and punitive measures earn more far more effort from them than advancing the investigation.

Furthermore, the state police will apply any retaliatory and punitive pressure they can to anyone with any remote connection to all of this pot-stirrring.  And I can assure you that while Jessica Cooper would not take or return my phone call or the numerous phone calls from my Dad about this case, she took numerous phone calls from Larry Wasser, his attorney James Feinberg, and Lawrence Burgess, the husband and law partner of now deceased Jane Burgess, who represented Chris Busch back in the day, about the situation they find themselves in post-July 2006.

Jessica Cooper has known Larry Burgess for 40-some years.  Jane Burgess was a criminal defense attorney back in the day.  Cooper handled criminal appeals for a brief time before she was elected to, and spent most of her career, as a judge.  Cooper has insulted my intelligence on more than one occasion in front of my Dad.  I have never met this woman.  Nor do I want to.  My Dad told me “Wow, Jessica Cooper does not like you.”  WTF??  Like I said–never met the woman, never spoke to her.  So someone I have no respect for doesn’t like me?  Good.  Although she does not have children of her own, all of us who are parents know that it is far worse to have your child insulted than to be insulted yourself.

This woman, who spent most of her career on the bench, where judicial demeanor is kind of important, has recently called my Dad a “senile old man,” and said in a t.v. interview that “King has problems with memory.”  Really, Jessica?  Let’s take a detailed look at that McCarthy-esque document you held up on t.v. allegedly detailing the 27 times “you or someone from your office met” with my Dad.  That will be the subject of another post.  Here’s the deal:  I know you and your #2 Paul Walton will say or do anything you can to disparage me and anyone in my family, the family members of any other victims who dare to speak up or ask questions, anyone who comes forward with information.  Why is that?  What do you possibly have to gain by fucking over victims’ family members?  What do you have to hide that makes you behave this way?  And why did the voters in Oakland County reelect you in spite of your obvious biases and deficiencies?  You get what you pay for, residents of Jokeland County.

A corollary to “you can’t fight City Hall” (Birmingham City Hall, Bloomfield Township City Hall, Oakland County City Hall, the MSP, the OCP) is that you can’t argue with the documents provided from the MSP in response to the FOIA lawsuit.  Documents I plan to quote from extensively.  I think the public should know about all of this.  And keep in mind that anything truly significant was no doubt withheld by the MSP or so heavily redacted that it is worthless.  So what little they gave up is certainly fair game.