“A lot of things have been pushed to the back of my head, but you’ve got to understand a lot of crack has also gone through it.”

As I posted earlier, the Oakland County prosecutor recently responded to my Dad’s latest FOIA request for all documents provided to media outlets in response to their FOIA requests. The following document is remarkable not only for what it says, but also for what was not redacted. When given to my Dad in response to his initial FOIA request, in this same document the section pertaining to polygraph questions and results was completely redacted. In the copy given to the media, none of that is redacted. Only Vince Gunnels’ DOB, SSN and OPS under the suspect description section are redacted.  My Dad had repeatedly asked the OCP and the MSP for an unredacted copy of this report. No sale. But the OCP gives all the info to the media. Does this make any sense? Page 1 of 4, three more to follow.

5 Comments on ““A lot of things have been pushed to the back of my head, but you’ve got to understand a lot of crack has also gone through it.””

  1. Judi Coltman says:

    Does it makes sense to a normal logical person? No. Does it make sense in light of where it came from and who distributed it to media? Absolutely. Stinks of politics.

  2. Mark King says:

    One can only wonder, Detective Seargent Robertson and Special Agent Callaghan, what do you type of guys do with this complete failure of a polygraph? Why even bother, if when someone fails it completely you do NOTHING? Sort of like the Busch poly I guess. Why use taxpayer money to see if they might fail, and then do NOTHING once they do? Anyone poly Paul Gunnels?

  3. bluetreemarie says:

    I wonder if it’s possible to get records regarding the federal grant used to fund the Task Force for that year. Assuming Oakland County had to provide some kind of documentation or data to the federal government to show how that grant money was spent, those records could be pretty interesting.

    Since it was a federal grant of public monies, I would think they would be accessible to anybody with a FOIA request, is that right?

    • cathybroad says:

      That is an excellent point. I contend, but cannot prove at this point, that when the task force was rejuvenated in 2005, the MSP was given grant money for a new computer system to house and cross-reference tips, and that it was not used in the occk investigation but for other purposes.

  4. In a way, giving the information to the media does make sense. If they leak it, they could always be accused. Why haven’t they leaked any? That lost file, photograph, unexpected suspect!

    Consider the one found near the police station; a meaning? The road numbers and the first child leaving the American Legion hall.The last:Outside the county…by a smidgen, that is. Almost like a beckoning call for a unity of forces that only the media can provide.

    Why haven’t you sought information from them?

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