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  1. What I think has hampered this investigation (or what perhaps makes it easier for it to get “covered-up”) is that the MSP, OCP, FBI, OCCK Task Force seems to think that DNA evidence needs to match all four victims, and if it doesn’t, then that “suspect” gets cleared of the OCCK cases. They are all separate cases and if treated as such then maybe it would be easier to get some of the suspects to be charged with some of these crimes. They all probably knew & worked with each other, but believe that the OCCK Task Force have enough witness evidence (Greene) to be able to charge Busch for Stebbin’s murder, DNA evidence to charge Gunnels with Mihalic’s murder, & DNA evidence to be able to charge Sloan with Stebbin’s & King’s murders. Even if they lost these cases, it would send a message to the suspects that the Task Force is serious about solving these crimes and then hopefully one of them will slip up.

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