Response of Barry King to Timeline of Prosecutor Cooper.

Page 1 of 3. Note that 19 of these alleged “meetings” are in fact court appearances or court rulings. At these “meetings”/court appearances, no one from the prosecutor’s office spoke one word to my Dad–not even to return his greeting of “hello” or “good morning.” I guess he is one of those crazy old-school guys who can be an adversary in the courtroom but still be civil before and after. I know many of you think this is the way things are–that it is acceptable–but it is not. Civility is at the heart of dispute resolution. And he is not just an attorney–he is the father of a brutally murdered child. I would spend more time detailing how, from the very beginning, this prosecutor took an appalling approach to dealing with my family, but a lot of you don’t want to get involved in this battle and don’t buy it anyway. I just hope you never find yourself in the same type of situation with people like this.

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