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  1. Cathy, thanks for sharing this ongoing battle with the investigation. I thought I read somewhere else that Cooper said the only thing that will solve this case is science. That may not be completely true if someone comes out and confesses.

    But as far as science, all four child killer victims had white animal hair on their clothing. Busch owned a white Welsh Terrier. Busch’s nephew also told investigators that Busch drove him to Tim King’s abduction site and remarked eerily: “He was standing right there when he was taken.” Here’s the link to this information. http://www.cvsa1.com/pdf/DidChildKillerBeatPolygraph.pdf.

    I’m just wondering your thoughts about the dog hair and Busch’s nephew.

  2. uncleholmes, how convenient that in this, of all cases, the prosecutor says the only thing that will solve this case is science. A cold case of almost four decades, where the evidence in the four cases is degraded and was mishandled from collection to storage. How were cases ever solved pre-DNA testing?!

    The white animal hair found on the kids was never sent, as had previously been discussed post-2005, to animal DNA expert Joy Halverson in California. The search of the Busch house involved cleaning out the vents of what is probably a 4,500 sq. ft. home. It had apparently never been done before and the vents yielded something like 8 big bags of debris. I’m sure the search involved pulling back carpet and the trim as well. I don’t believe anybody ever went through all of that evidence. With the backlog these labs have? No way. They did a representative sample and determined there was no match to the hairs in evidence. My opinion.

    What do I think about Busch’s nephew? Here’s something else that was in the transcript of his interview (there are two nephews BTW): This man said that when he was close to 20 he voiced suspicions to his parents that Chris Busch could have been the OCCK. They said “Chris would never do such a thing,” and that was the end of the discussion. I think the nephews’ parents threw them under the bus by letting them go to Birmingham with Chris after they knew what he was doing to them. I think this poor kid knew exactly what Chris meant when he pointed to an exact spot. That’s what I think.

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