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  1. Sweet Christ on a cracker, there was semen found during Mark Stebbins autopsy? I’ve never heard that before; did the police purposely hide this fact because they lost the slide? Or did they “lose” the slide because of a Busch family bribe?

    So sorry for your loss, but I admire your courage in making all of these documents public. The MSP can’t be happy—hate to say it, but I predict a lot of speeding tickets and jaywalking fines in your future…..

    1. Hi “Jodie.” I enjoy your blog very much. It’s well written and entertaining. I want to get in touch with you for a documentary I’m making. Can you please email me at Kevin1Lee(at)me.com?

  2. This makes me believe that the medical examiner’s conclusion that Jill’s death was because “of shock & hemorrage due to the shotgun blast” was incorrect. The skull fragments in area prove that the shotgun was used on the side of the expressway, so if her killer had to wait for there to be no traffic before shooting Jill, it would have given her plenty of time to signal for help. She most likely was already murdered (asphyxia) and her killer was probably acting out on a fear that she had shared with him on getting shot in the face with a gun (to taunt the public). This is most likely an instance where the medical examiner made the report due to the appearance of the dead body rather than to be thorough in his/her work. It has happened before, and it is probably one of the biggest botches of the OCCK investigation (if the medical examiner made this mistake), but after learning that Jill’s skull fragments were found at the crime scene (today) I no longer believe that she died by shotgun blast to the head.

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