Search Warrant, p. 4 of 8

Search Warrant, p. 4 of 8

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  1. Yellow carpet? Or, harvest gold- a very popular color during that era and often put with deep brown or avocado green. It doesn’t prove Busch was the culprit, only that he had similar carpet in his home.

    Was there yellow or gold carpeting in any cars or vans used by any suspects? What about the camp area?

  2. This is a very important document, as I have had own personal doubts that the Jill Robinson murder was even connected with any of the other three victims, or that the abductor of both Jill & Kristine was the same person(s) as who abducted both Mark & Tim. The link between same color & texture of carpet fibers found on both Jill & Tim goes a long way in suggesting that all four of these children were held captive at a same location.

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