Why Indeed.

Email I received from my Dad today:

After the picture of Chris Busch appeared on the Investigative Discovery  program, the TV broadcasts and the newspapers I received calls from 4 adults who recognized him as the man who tried to pick them up. Three of them were females. If I received 4 phone calls how many did the MSP receive? This refutes the position of those who claim  the killer did not do all 4 kids because of the gender difference in the victims.


When I met with the Oakland County Asst. Sheriff Gary Miller last summer he raised this possibility. I pointed out to him that the MSP reports indicated Busch had 2 pair of girl panties in his possession. This was news to Miller.


Did the suitcases of Busch full of pornographic pictures taken from him at Alma and Fox Island contain photos of females as well as males? Where are these suit cases?


Is it possible Busch was a procurer for other pedophiles?


More time is being spent to disprove the Busch participation than to support the statements made in support of the October 28, 2008 search warrant which was given to April 8 this year three years after I asked for this information. Why have the OCP and the MSP changed their minds on the Busch involvement?

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  1. why indeed…is right…good God! Am listening to music and the song “Carry on” just came on as I began to type this. And so you will….

  2. Even collectively, these guys don’t equal to a fully firing brain.

  3. I would appreciate some clarification on your Dad’s statement: Why did MSP and OCP change their minds on Busch? I am not sure what they ever thought, let alone when and why they changed their minds. Thank you.

  4. bitamoney, the OCP made it very clear publicly before the November 2012 election that Chris Busch was not a suspect. After one particularly outrageous eve-of-election t.v. interview with OCP Jessica Cooper, her number 2, Paul Walton, met with my Dad and one of my brothers and in response to a direct question, acknowledged that of course they could not rule out Busch as a suspect. This was when they were clinging to the hair found in Arch Sloan’s Pontiac. The hair they’ve had mtDNA on for over three years and haven’t established squat about.

    The general response by all after the results on the hair found in Sloan’s car is that “the investigation has taken another direction.” I think that direction is best described as a spiral. My brother recently asked the MSP about inroads on the Sloan investigation. He was told that the MSP has interviewed him three times, but all three interviews were conducted by different people. That’s a good way to reinvent the wheel every time. He has also been told that Sloan will never talk, that he likes his gig in prison because he works in the garden there and basically gets left alone and knows he will never get out.

    The bottom line is that if they cannot rule Busch out, THE LEAD HAS NOT BEEN ADEQUATELY EXTINGUISHED. This is plate-spinning at its finest. In October 2008 an Oakland County judge issued a search warrant, based on probable cause, to search Busch’s parents’ house in Bloomfield Village. In February 2009, newly-elected OCP Cooper learns of this search warrant and the investigation. If it were any other Democrat, I believe the person would have gotten in there and exposed this corrupt mess, which festered under prior Republican administrations. But no, we get the one Democrat who has a tangential connection to this ugly case. The Busch lead surfaces when polygrapher Larry Wasser reveals information about a 1977 prepolygraph interview. Cooper has known Wasser for some 40 years. And Wasser had been retained by Jane Burgess, a contemporary of Cooper’s from back in the day, to conduct this polygraph. While Cooper has bitterly denied anything other than a passing connection with Burgess, we have spoken to another contemporary who says she went out socially with both Cooper and Burgess back then.

    Another reason, in my opinion, that this Busch thing goes nowhere is because the bulk of the work done on that lead was that of a Livonia detective who was “on loan” to the MSP task force. Livonia is in Wayne County. No way Oakland County is going to give any credit to Wayne County, especially when a Wayne County APA also did a ton of work on this lead.

    So, once the OCP and the MSP are all bent out of shape over what will be revealed one way or the other by looking at this Busch stuff, I believe the goal became to undermine the lead in any way possible, rather than to follow the evidence–even if it is, go figure, after almost four decades, only circumstantial. After 36 years, you don’t get to keep saying that you can’t say one word about any of this because the case still might be solved. You can’t even use that excuse to dodge obligations under the Freedom of Information Act, although the courts in Oakland County have condoned just that.

    All I asked when I came forward in July 2007 with the information about Larry Wasser spilling the beans, was that it be taken seriously. I guess I should have asked that it be taken seriously and followed to its logical conclusion but I didn’t realize at the time that would be asking far too much.

  5. Were suitcases ever discovered during some simulated attack against some form of government agency?

    I got three after they cut a neighbor loose on Thanksgiving. Not psychic, but I could see the future. It looked bleak.

  6. I know this is an older post but I felt the need to reply. Busch and Greene both say they weren’t part of a group passing kids around. They were arressted with Douglas Bennett. Maybe it’s not the same person but the court records for Sheldon Francis against Adam Starchild have Douglas Bennett’s name on them. If this is the same person it would connect Busch and Green to North Fox Island. The photos they were caught with could easily clear up where they were taken. Does anyone know what happened to the photos? The arresst warrant for Sheldon was based on child porn that someone recognized the scenery from North Fox Island. What pedophile is going to say hey I looked at these child porn photos and I recognize North Fox Island? I believe the photos Busch was arrested with are the same photos that resulted in an arrest warrant for Sheldon. I also believe there are people in authority who helped Sheldon. He was definitely tipped off on the arresst warrant that conveniently kept getting postponed until he had time to get out of town. Protecting Sheldon is the reason this case wasn’t solved years ago.

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