The following is from the prison records of Gregory Woodard Green, Busch’s buddy with whom he discussed fantasies of kidnapping a boy, holding him captive and having one of them work nights, the other days, so they could watch the boy.

Gregory Woodard Green, born in Detroit on 5-2-50, the third of four children.  Died in prison 12-29-95.  Graduated from St. Agnes High School in 1968. 

His prison record indicates that as of 1977, he was 5/10”, brown hair, brown eyes, medium build, fair complexion, and he was unemployed.  After he was arrested in Flint on Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor charges, he throws his pal Chris Busch under the bus for killing Mark Stebbins in February 1976.  Cops interview him and determine he is more than a snitch—probably a perp, and the MSP polygraphs both him and Busch.  They get the “get out of jail free card” on the OCCK crimes after this, and no one ever looks back–until July 2006 (courtesy of Larry Wasser). 

Green’s adult criminal record:

3-8-68, Traffic warrant, Flint MI

5-25-69,  Contributing to the Del. Of a Minor, Flint, MI

1-2-70, Minor in Possession

9-13-70, Possession of Marijuana, Huntington Beach, CA

8-8-74, Felony Child Molesting, Sodomy, Sex Perversion—5 yrs. Probation, after being an in-patient at the Patton State Hospital in Patton, California, from January 24, 1975 to January 7, 1976.  On February 11, 1976, days before the abduction of Mark Stebbins, the first OCCK victim, the State of California offloaded this piece of shit by putting him on a plane and sending him back to Michigan. 

Green was arrested by Flint Police on January 25, 1977, for the offense of sexual penetration of a 12-year-old boy in August 1976 in Flint.  The investigation expanded to include over 50 victims of sexual exploitation (and worse) and culminated in the arrests of Green, Chris Busch and Douglas Bennett (19, and younger than these other two losers). 

At the time of his arrest, Green was living at his dad’s house, 5510 Baldwin, Flint, MI.  Green was living with his dad who was sick and dying. 

Green’s pre-sentence investigation report, dated June 7, 1977, states:

Greene [sic—a lot of the records refer to him as Greene, but his last name was Green with no “e”] fully admits his involvement in this offense.  He claims that mental problems caused him to commit the offense.  He was involved in similar activity in California and was placed on Probation on January 28, 1976 in Orange County, California.  He was under supervision here in Genesee County from March of 1976 until he was arrested.  On the surface, he did well on Probation.  He was able to report regularly, maintain employment, and participate in treatment at Community Mental Health.  However, apparently while he was doing all of these things, he was involved with the victim of this offense. 

Greene comes from a home in which it appears that all of his needs were adequately met by his parents.  His mother’s death in 1966 apparently did not have any significant effect on him.  Greene attended parochial schools and was able to successfully graduate.  Shortly after graduation, he went to California where he was able to maintain employment.  It was in 1974 that he became involved in sexual misconduct with a minor.  It appears that the defendant is a highly skilled manipulator.  He seems to have a great deal of ability in covering up and interpreting situations to his own benefit.  . . .  This man cannot be considered a candidate for Probation. 

In the investigator’s description of the offense, the officer explained that the boy did not tell anyone about the sexual abuse and rape because Greene told him that he had choked a boy in California who was going to tell on him, brought him back to life, took him to a hospital and got caught.  The boy also explained that Greene took photos of him naked and said he would give the photos to the boy’s parents if he told on him.

The report goes on to describe the typical Come To Jesus drivel—while in jail, Green found god and is “now changing his whole “inter-nature.”  “I actually found a cleansing of the soul & mind in Christ,” he explained.  He felt that if he was given one more chance, he could make the changes permanent.  Right.  If he was given one more chance he could have had hundreds more victims.  And, while I’m sure he didn’t let on to his P.O., the biggest lesson this animal learned in California is that living victims talk.

Green continues, and this shit comes from out of left field, with no apparent prompting:

“I’ve never forced or kidnapped a kid, I get emotionally involved first, that’s why I feel a place or situation like a halfway house, hospital or local correction facility where, maximum supervision is involved, so there’s no possibility of an emotional involvement with a kid, where a therapist payed by my family could work with me, and my family working with me and my faith in God now would work.

 . . .

When I got arrested, I co-operated fully with Det. Waldren, told him everything I knew and did and he used the information to the fullest.  I’ve volunteered to work further with Waldren or the prosecutor, I’ve NEVER been involved with any homosexual ring or passing kids around, but I do have information that could alleviate some of the problems in Flint, to show the community how & why kids do get involved.  I also think I could find that person in Detroit.

“That person,” as in the OCCK.  Green didn’t realize that this subject was closed after an inexperienced MSP polygrapher cleared both him and his pal Chris Busch in late January 1977.  This subject was closed, closed, closed and this and subsequent pleas to the Flint PD to hear him out on this OCCK stuff were totally shut down.  Sorry bub, but you are going down for life and your money-bags cohort is going to walk, no matter what you say, after that polygraph session at the Flint MSP Post.  Yeah, you’re a manipulator, Greg, but you are a penniless manipulator.  Game over. 

Sadly, after admitting to criminal sexual conduct in California that involved some 50 victims, and damn near murdering a young boy after raping him, Green was sent to a nut house there and then “[o]n or about February 11, 1976 [he] was taken from the Jail and placed on a plane to Michigan.”  He returns to Michigan four days before Mark Stebbins is kidnapped, tortured, raped and later murdered. 

The program director at Patton State Hospital in California observed:

Mr. Greene [sic] is a young man of above average intelligence.  He has the intellectual understanding of himself and his problems.  However, he has no emotional desire to change his past behavior, except that he had been incarcerated and confined to state institutions because of this behavior.  Due to Mr. Greene’s repeated offenses regarding homosexual pedophilia, I would recommend that he be committed to a state institution for long-term psychiatric treatment.  The treatment provided would hopefully be along the line of behavior modification models.  Because of Mr. Greene’s above average intelligence he is capable of ‘putting on a show’ and making others believe he has changed when he really has not. 

The presentence report concludes with a few observations about socialization (likes baseball, plans on writing a book, subject unstated), economic situation (bleak) and religion (Catholic).  Green describes himself by stating:  “I got a problem that can probably be corrected.  I know it can be corrected.  [Think again, freak.]  My thinking has been screwed up.  I am an intelligent person.  I’ve accepted Christ and that has given me a new outlook on life.  [Go figure.]”   

No way someone with virtually no empathy and serious prefrontal cortex damage gets a new outlook on life.  Thankfully this monster’s parents couldn’t buy his way to another probation sentence. 

Green died of a heart attack in prison some 17 years ago while watching t.v.  He was discovered quite some time later because he died in front of the tube with his eyes open.  It took a while for inmates and guards to realize this creep had died. 

This man has three siblings and I think his sister and two brothers are still alive.  One bro was interviewed by police in the past few years and told them Greg had built a “secret room” in his invalid, and now-deceased dad’s house in Flint, where Green “allowed” a teen boy to live.  (Vince, was this you?)  The brother told this investigator the room was built in such a way that the current owners probably don’t even know it’s there.  The bro didn’t have much more to offer.  I don’t know if his sister and other brother are still living.  If they are, and they know something, they apparently aren’t saying shit, what a surprise.

To be continued.  There’s lots to say about Greg Green. 





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  1. Somebody please tell me why, when I have a Mac and I am no dumb shit and I check all of the updates–all, including iPhoto , that when I come on Word Press and post something like this I then have total trouble posting additional photos (I have a few more of Greg Green) and the only time I have trouble with glacier-slow posting is here! Jesus!! I have the phone number of a man who worked IT security for a major corporation and now I feel like I absolutely have to contact him and pay him to run through my entire system. My Mac is totally updated and every third time I’m on Word Press I have to reboot, refresh, repost. I will repeat for the 15th time–I am a very patient person. And, to the MSP, as I have said since 2006 on other sites/forums, this can go easy or hard. You have chosen hard. So be it.

    1. Yep. Green was doing great after being sent back to Michigan. Secret rooms, etc. but no worry, like Busch, Jessica the queen has no interest in pursuing dead perps. The secret stays safe. Only the victims suffer from this ignorant attitude.

  2. Dear God if there’s a secret room in the house in Flint can’t the task force search it like they (belatedly) searched Busch’s house?? It kills me that they waited so long to search the Busch lake house that it had been torn down by the time the light bulb went off, or your family forced their hands.

    Also, I believe the remaining family members of these miscreants must know more than they’ve revealed. Charles Nels Busch has led quite the charmed life. Google his name and you will find the elite places he’s lived. What did his family think when the drawing of a screaming little boy was found in Chris Busch’s bedroom at the time a major serial killer investigation was going on in their neighborhood? Have the Green family members been exhaustively interviewed? The more I read of your postings, the more I want to wring some necks.

  3. I have to go to work this AM so I scanned Animal for the very briefest time. What stood out? “St. Agnes”. I have always had a very strong feeling that there is a definite Catholic connection between the perps and victims in this case. Very very strong feeling. I challenge the priests involved to come forward if you have an ounce of decency left in your souls.

  4. So much for saying a homicide has no statute of limitation when they close it down and stop questioning these two pieces of scum. They always supposedly get God but guess what? God knows better! These two are burning eternally in Hell! Take a little comfort in that.

  5. I was wondering whatever happened to Douglas Eugene Bennett–turns out he’s alive and well (if you consider “disabled/unemployed” to be the same as “well”) and living in Alabama:

    The question I have is this: Bennett was convicted, on June 14, 1977, of “BREAKING & ENTERING A BUILDING WITH INTENT,” and apparently did serve prison time. Was this connected somehow with Busch and Green?

    More to the point–has anybody ever tried to talk to him at all in connection with these murders?

    1. Douglas Eugene Bennett is a registered sex offender living in Russellville, Alabama. Born in 1958, he was 19 when he was arrested with Chris Busch and Greg Green in Flint on multiple charges of criminal sexual conduct with minors. According to an article in The Detroit News dated February 22, 1977, the three men were charged with using gifts, threats and physical force to get boys to engage in sodomy, oral sex and lewd photography sessions. On August 11, 2009, two detectives working with the MSP task force interviewed Bennett in Alabama. (FOIA Document p. 01293.) Bennett told investigators he knew who Busch and Green were from his arrest in Flint in 1977, but that he never spoke to Busch, only saw his photo on the news at the time. He said he spoke to Green in the Genessee County jail after their arrests. He denied any connection with Busch and Green and said that he has simply molested a boy in the past that Green had molested. Bennett said the media blew that way out of proportion and called it a sex ring. He also told investigators he later talked to Green later at the Big House–Jackson Prison and that Green was pissed off that he got life in prison in 1977 and Busch only got probation for the same offenses. Bennett, no doubt a consummate manipulator, like most pedophiles, was determined by investigators to be “very believable” in denying any connection with Busch and Green. (Id.)

      The investigators had been in Atlanta on August 10, 2010, to interview John Hastings, another one-time suspect, who was–like all the suspects, ruled out. After this interview, investigators drove to Alabama to chat with Bennett. (Id. at 01292-93.) The there is some very interesting, if not compelling, evidence of Hastings’ possible involvement or knowledge. Those of you reading the blog who know all about Mr. Hastings, please do not email me or comment here about what you think about his possible knowledge or involvement. I know this is a sore spot for many readers. Just do me a favor and run a Google map search of Busch’s parents’ home (3310 Morningview Terrace, Bloomfield Township, MI) and run directions to John Hasting’s house at 201 Tuckahoe Road, Bloomfield Township, MI), and just know that they were the same age and both working in the food service industry in the area near my brother’s abduction. Just a complete coincidence, I’m told. Hastings denied knowing Busch or Green and said he is simply fascinated by these types of cases and has read everything about the OCCK crimes, that’s why he spoke about them to a confidant. In fact, he showed up to the interview with police carrying a “coffee table” book under his arm called “The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers,” as proof of his fascination, and explained that the OCCK case was in this very book. Hastings agreed to take a polygraph and was later tested on behalf of the MSP by Georgia LE after this little interview. The results of the test are, of course, redacted in the FOIA documents. What isn’t redacted is a notation in the file about his phone call to the GA authorities in which he wants to discuss why his exam may have been messed up. But never mind, he was ruled out as a suspect in 1977, 1992 and again after 2010. It doesn’t matter, right?

      1. I appreciate this reply very much–I was about to ask you another question earlier tonight when I realized that I could probably ask a thousand questions, and you could not only reply, you could probably probably cite any number of sources for your answer. Suffice to say, tonight I have more questions about the prosecution of Busch, Bennett and Green in Flint during in the first half of 1977 than I do about the OCCK case. But for now, I think I should hold off. But I do appreciate everything that you pass along.

    2. I was just about to post the question: Where is this Bennett person? Thanks to you, we now know. So how about a couple detectives take a plane ride down here and ask this WITNESS some questions!!

  6. Since watching the Cable show “Dark Minds”, I must admit I have been facinated by this tragic case. I was born in Flint, MI in 1967. I did not realize that some of these crimes may have been initiated in Flint – only miles from where I once lived in the 70’s! I have watched the King families DVD – very informative, by the way. Cathy, God bless you, your family, and the other victims. I know you will eventually find the truth!!!

  7. First thing here is that Greg Greene looks exactly like the serial killer Rodney Alcala in this pic. This is exactly how he looked in 1977. What is ironic in regards to both Alcala & Greene is that I have often wondered if Greene was sentenced to life to keep him from “ratting” on Busch about the other murders, not just Stebbin’s. Alcala had the same criminal record & treatment as Greene (but worse) and yet he (and others like him in 1970’s) were being given numerous chances to “reform” their ways. Greene wasn’t given numerous times and it makes me think that at that time being sentenced for life for a CSC was out of the norm. Maybe the fact that Greene “ratted” to the MSP/Flint Police (about Busch killing Stebbins) showed that he could not be trusted, meaning that he would also “rat” on others who are part of that child pedophile network, people with more to lose than just Chris Busch.

    1. Here we are almost ten years later. I read your comment and I have been thinking the exact opposite, that LE put Green in jail but not Busch because they were trying to get Green angry enough to rat on B., who was not jailed. But that didn’t happen, I guess.

        1. Waldron was told in no uncertain terms that he was not to go to Jackson Prison to speak with Green. Waste of time because he had passed the polygraph. A few years before his death, when he was questioned about Busch and Green, he told a detective this and also stated his belief that they were all shocked when Busch and Green got passes on their polygraphs. He also confirmed that Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Thompson came to Flint for this polygraph session. When told that a modern day review of B and G’s polygraphs revealed deception and/or a fail, Waldron wept and said “those poor families.”

  8. Cathy,

    Green was a master manipulator. His statement that he never kidnapped or forced a kid, instead he got “emotionally involved first” may well be true.
    He was creepy looking in 1977, and it is hard to believe any kid would have voluntarily gotten into a car with him, no matter what he said to them. I bet someone else was the “procurer” and Green may have been a link in the middle.

    Because no one can say for certain whether Green really was behind bars in March of 1977, and because he was just “cleared” of being the OCCK, and because he dangled the possibility of “information” including the Detroit location of the OCCK, and because he was apparently a slick-talking liar/manipulator, I’ll bet it is not so far-fetched to say that he was out in March of 1977, possibly as some sort of law enforcement informant on the “procurer”.

    (Imagine law enforcement’s reaction if they discovered that the “procurer” was a cop, say Chris Flynn, for example.)

    Of course, then March 16, 1977 happened, (in which Green may very well have had a hand) and he was sent off to the Big House for the rest of his miserable life, never to talk to law enforcement again, apparently.

    Did Bruce Danto do consulting work with the Berkley PD (or any other PD department) as a psychologist/analyst/therapist for the cops themselves?

    The line in the book “you learn more about a person from their drawings and photography than you can from talking to them for months” sounds like something an analyst would say. As I wrote to you the other day, the author’s heavy emphasis on photography is not incidental. The author believed that the killer (or at least a key member of the ring) was interested in the visual arts.

    We know John McKinney was an art gallery owner, murdered in dubious circumstances. Cathy, did McKinney actually have any connection to any family that Tim might have known? Is it possible Tim and McKinney were acquainted, no matter how faintly?

    We know Chris Busch implicated himself in your brother’s murder to Larry Wasser. We don’t know that Busch was the kidnapper, and unless Busch had recently shaved (for which there is no evidence) then it was very unlikely that he was the man seen by Doug Wilson or the female witness to the parking lot behind Hunter-Maple Pharmacy.

    If McKinney was there, and if Tim knew him by sight, then it is plausible Tim could have gotten into a car with him.

    I don’t think it likely that a plain-clothes cop could have persuaded your brother to enter an un-marked cop car, if Tim did not know the officer. If the kidnapping was violent, the kidnappers were taking a huge chance that they would be seen and noticed, if not immediately and forcibly confronted by passers-by.
    That’s why I think it very unlikely that your brother was strong-armed into the car. Tim may have realized immediately once in the car that something was wrong, but by then it was too late.

    Cathy, you’ve pointed out several times the reaction of some members of the Berkley PD (Ray Anger) to the witness statement that there was a Berkley PD officer in the 7-11 around the time Kristine Mihelich was in there. You’ve highlighted the ongoing attempt to discredit and intimidate that witness.

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    More later.

  9. I think this is the guy who tried to abduct me from Oakland University when I was 5 or 6—can’t be certain at this remove, of course. I remembered what he looked like because he was creepy and scared the hell out of me, and because I saw a police composite sketch on the cover of the Oakland Press some days or weeks later and instantly recognized it as looking like the guy who tried to get me to leave with him (I was there with my dad, who was meeting with one of his professors while I played in the hallway). Very creepy, shocking sensation clicking on this link, which popped up in an image search of “Oakland County Child Killer.” I had never heard of the case by that name and just moments ago read about it in a book I’m editing. Crazy!

  10. To Cathy Broad:
    In 1973 or 1974 Greg Green(e) molested some of my boyhood friends in Fountain Valley, CA. I would have been one of his victims if not for my mom, who refused Greg’s request to allow me to go with him for pizza and movies the night he assaulted and molested Jimmy and left him for dead outside a hospital in Huntington Beach. Greg did landscaping work in my backyard for months that Spring/Summer allthewhile coaching little league amongst all the kids. I never knew what happened to this Creep – the contemporaneous scuttlebut was that Green got 20 years jail time – and I was sickened to learn the truth about his actual punishment and subsequent crimes! Reading your blog informed me of his death in 1995 and that is comforting. T Y. RB

  11. why is Harold Lee Busch scrubbed from the internet other than on picture and an obit? Did General Motors wash clean all the records on the man? Was he himself a pedo?

  12. I was a Correctional Counselor at large men’s prison in SoCal, and retired in 2007 after a 27 yr career. I interviewed thousands of creeps like these two pigs some even worse! I would NEVER have recommended probation for two guys with that kind of past arrest my court referral cases. None of the molesters I ever dealt with ever displayed a hint of remorse, nor even admitted their guilt at all. How they let these two pigs out of jail amazes me! No way was I going to be responsible for turning a monster loose in the community! I helped put hundreds of these characters behind bars. That’s a good enough legacy for me. They ALL damned well deserved it!

  13. I’m convinced Gregroy Green attempted to abduct me from Hickory Leaf Lane (now called Hickory Leaf Street) in Southfield, Michigan when I was around 7 years old in the 1970’s. I moved away from Michigan in the late 1970’s and didn’t know about the OCCK killings until much later in life. In my 40s, I decided to google child abductions in Southfield based upon my own close call experience. That’s how I learned about OCCK killings. During my research, I found a photo of Gregory Green and I immediately recognized him. (The mugshot of him with shorter hair and thick glasses). It was like a lightning bolt making a direct hit when I saw that photo… He’s the guy.

    Around 2016, I sent a FOIA request to the Southfield Police department to get the police report that my parents and I made after my incident. I received a response that the PD no longer possesses any such report. But I know we made a report. My Dad took me to the PD down by the community center after my Mom told him what I told her. I really wish I could have obtained the report to see what they took down. How I described Green, how I described the car… I remember a green car, maybe light blue. Like a 2 door sedan. It wasn’t a Gremlin that you often read about with OCCK.

    I’m convinced it was Green who tried to get me in his car that day. RIP to the victims and Barry King, Esq. and any family members of the victims who passed without closure. So horrible and so tragic.

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