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  1. According to this document Greg Greene had already been a suspect in Mark Stebbins & Kristine Mihalic murders and had been investigated. What does not make any sense is that this document states that his probation officer (Witters) had made a statement saying that Greene was in county jail during time of his arrest (late January) until he was sent to Jackson Prison (June 16th, 1977). This does not exclude him from Mark, Jill, or Kristine’s abduction or murders (he would have been arrested days after Kristine’s body was found), and more importantly, it had already stated that Greg Greene was out of jail on a bond from shortly after his arrest until he was sent to Jackson Prison. Read this document again and you will see that either an error was made (stating Greene had been out on a bond) or that it was suggested at a later date that he had been in jail when he really hadn’t.

  2. I agree with oaklandjustice above.

    When Detective Lourn Doan of the Southfield PD initially wrote this report on 2/13/78, he had some reason to believe that Green was out on bond after his arrest. That’s what Doan wrote. Doan wrote that on February 13 because he had reason to believe it was true.

    Notice that ambiguous “officers” – unnamed – who then, subsequent to Doan’s report on the 13th, “contacted subject’s probation officer, Dave Witter of the Genesee Co. probation dept.”. Doan didn’t contact Witter at that point. Other ”officers” did at someone’s direction.


    Because Doan’s written statement that Green was out on bond was a problem.

    Note then that Doan didn’t take the word of these other “officers” at face value. He didn’t believe it. He had to hear for himself.

    Only after it was “confirmed” with the P.O. did Doan then write “(Cleared)”.

    Note too that Doan’s original statement about Green’s vehicle was a problem. The vehicle description has been entirely redacted in this version, save for the tantalizing adjective “blue”.


    We know that there was something extremely sensitive about the identification of the Pontiac LeMans in this case. We know that the entire “AMC Blue Gremlin” was or should have been a non-starter right from the beginning.

    We now know something that apparently neither Det. Doan nor Det. Waldren knew, namely that a witness saw a Blue LeMans slowly pulling onto the freeway from the shoulder of I-75 immediately adjacent to where Jill Robinson’s body was discovered a few hours later.


    What if Doan wrote that Green said he drove to Michigan from California in a Blue LeMans?

    If that is what was originally written on Doan’s report, then whoever did the redaction knew of the significance of the LeMans, and was determined not to solve the case, but to prevent it from being solved. This person, the redactor, knew the truth and was hiding it from future eyes like ours.

    Whether or not Doan wrote “LeMans”, whatever vehicle he described was clearly too sensitive to be investigated honestly.

    There is no innocent explanation for that redaction.

    Cathy, you once wrote that two pairs of panties belonging to young girls were found by the Flint PD in Greg Green’s “van”. Reuben Appelman wrote that the panties were found in Busch’s vehicle. Do you have any idea now which version may be correct? Obviously with the cases of both Robinson and Mihelich less than one month old, the vehicle in question should have been impounded, at least briefly.

    Might impound records from the Flint PD from January 1977 still exist? Almost certainly not, but might there be any way for Cory Williams or Garry Gray to check?

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