Can’t make this shit up. Redactions abound, as usual, courtesy of MSP. How about that power point, guys? The one you handed over the the Oakland County Prosecutor so she could subsume it, edit it and then call it work product? One of many references in the FOIA documents to this power point–the one the OCP and MSP claim does not exist–in any of its draft or final forms.

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  1. In reference to the date above, 7-20-09, you would think that MSP could ask local GA and AL law enforcement to arrange the polygraphs on a mutual exchange-favors basis. I am appalled that “lack of funds” prevented these polygraphs. Not acceptable.

  2. @bitamoney-“lack of funds” didn’t prevent these polygraphs to be given because the MSP road on the coattails of the FBI and were able to polygraph both of these “suspects” days apart of each other. What these results were we can only guess, but the chances of either of them being cleared (as suspects) probably are pretty high (even if both failed the polygraph).

  3. What is most disturbing about these last two documents is the interrogation of Detective Waldron (retired). Det Sgt Garry Gray & the Livonia officer making the report were both surprised to know that Waldron has a “vivid” recollection of Busch & Green. This evidently wasn’t enough, so they still had to drop a packet off to him to hopefully “refresh his memory” about the events that he had remembered so “vividly” only a few weeks before.

    1. Detective Waldron (now deceased), had a vivid recollection of these two creeps for very good reason. He and fellow Flint PD were floored when Busch and Green were let off the hook for the OCCK crimes. He also vividly remembered how his superiors and those at the MSP would not allow him to go interview Green over the years when Green contacted him numerous times to talk about the OCCK crimes. Detective Waldron died a few years after this chat with the new task force members. Here’s what he said when he learned what the current task force learned about Busch’s bullshit polygraph business. “Those poor families!”

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