“Out of the strain of doing, into the peace of the done.” –Julia Louise Woodruff

As I scramble to have some last gasp of a statement of how fucked this entire investigation is and has been, let me just say that we have almost done everything we can, and let me apologize in advance for the language I will use.  I feel it is justified under the circumstances.  If you can’t deal with that and will hold against me, please stop reading now.  Just know we aren’t done and won’t give up exposing what we learn contributed to making this investigation into the abductions, captivity, torture, rape, murder and dumping of four kids’ bodies in and around Oakland County, Michigan, fail and fuck up an entire generation of kids.  Why?  Because no one in Oakland County EVER tried to explain what the fuck happened in the biggest manhunt in Michigan history and how four little kids from four suburban towns got picked up in Oakland County and subjected to the nightmare none of you wants to even contemplate.  “Sorry, everyone.  The killers were just too smart.  And these goddamn families who are asking questions after 36 years are just a pain in the ass.  Get lost.  Trust us.  This won’t happen again.”  Seriously?!

These killers were dumb bastard opportunist pedophiles who got away with murder in Ferndale and then kept pushing the envelope, taking advantage of suburban police departments.  Mark Stebbin’s abduction was a crime of opportunity–as they all were, but Mark’s abduction was the first.  In Ferndale.  And these fuckers got away with it.  And later kept going (including body dump sites):  Royal Oak, Troy, Berkley, Franklin Village, Birmingham–who the fuck cares?!  An autopsy by the Oakland County Medical Examiner–even better!!  It’s not until my brother’s body gets dumped in Livonia, MI, a few feet into Wayne County, that the party is over.

As my family now scrambles to document this bullshit–via video, this stupid blog, trying to help authors who are writing about this crime, my poor Dad comments–we have to keep going because  “the legal system is failing Tim.”  Here’s why I can’t let it ruin my day-to-day life:  the legal system ALREADY FAILED MARK STEBBINS, JILL ROBINSON, KRISTINE MICHELICH AND TIMOTHY KING.  Congratulations, motherfuckers:  you already crushed the very people you were supposed to speak for.  I long ago stopped asking how people in law enforcement in Oakland County look themselves in the mirror.  Same goes for you at the MSP, even you new people assigned to this piece of shit file that is going nowhere.  You already screwed over those four little kids.  And whoever else these fucks killed.  Live with that.  Until I got this shit dropped in my lap in 2006 my feeling was that the best I could do to honor my brother’s memory was to live life to the best of my ability every single day.  No way was I giving these animals another piece of me.  I HATE that the cops took a piece away from me from 2006 to now.  But you get no more.  My goal now is just to document how fucked up your investigation was and is.  And to expose any person who kept the animals who committed these crimes under the radar.  While they may be dead, you are not.  I have done almost everything I can in this case and then some–especially for a victim’s family member.  You have had an almost 40-year Get Out of Jail Free Card.  Because this isn’t a game, your card will in fact expire.  Now or later.  Take your pick.

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  1. Cathy, just thinking out loud. Could this Readers Digets article have something to do with art work? Afterall, there is art work involved with the picture of the boy screaming found at Chris Busch’s supposed suicide scene (looked like Mark Stebbins). Also, there are artists who have been mentioned as possibly being connected to these cases in John McKinney and John Hastings.

  2. Has anyone revisited the American Legion Hall and asked around about the first missing child. These people are still young enough to remember who they were there with and who left at about what time based on work schedules, children’s school hours and homework, and what they were planning on doing the next day. A tragic event in which someone was close to a person involved stains the memory.

    Also, the width of the wheel base that left tracks at the disposal site; small car or large? Why there? Was the person who discovered the body meant to?

    As an attorney, you’re thinking in terms of political significance: The cops, the prosecutor, the lab techs, the entire rotten system!

    Only four. Why not more? The two girls don’t even sound to be the product of a psycho gay bar cruising serial killer.

    Wonder what the popular pharmaceutical drug of the time period in that area would have been well sought after?

  3. One of the things admirable about your family’s persistence is that you focus on resolving the OCCK and are not trying to be just a voice to other missing/murdered children. It sounds bad to say this, but it is true. It is easy to become sympathetic and then lose focus on the task at hand if we fall “victim” to all the injustices involved with tragedies. Maybe it is because of all of the injustices (& there are many) with the OCCK, but do really think that what you & your family are doing is as close to what anybody can do for these four children. I am sure that all the families do look up to yours & would hope vice-versa. I know that Erica (Kristine’s sister) has been pretty strong in her belief as well. It just seems like more of a unified coalition stance in the fight for justice would work better for these victim’s. I am sure that judges are more willing to listen to four families who are united in every thing they say or do rather than each of the families doing various things at various times. Guess that what am saying is to create an OCCK non-profit org that can set up a governing body to make decisions on every obstacle it faces. A huge asset is that it would already have lawyers to represent it (you & your father) which could push every thing that org has already decided on through the legal system. This is something that has already helped your family as far as representing legal issues, but do not think it has helped as far as “marketing” the cause of justice. A non-profit org that works as a coalition can achieve this because it is working for similar goals & that works to get more people involved on the rate of expansion. I am not speaking of becoming just one of the many non-profit org’s to come into existence for the sake of just merely being an org to make the families feel better (closure), but I am speaking of an org that can do what your family has already been doing (law) with regards to the legal system. A corrupt system can only be of a hindrance to justice as long as the people fighting injustice are not organized & unified. I personally believe that a unified coalition that represents the OCCK victim’s would need to have the inclusion of people who are from the community as well, & not only family members. If this isn’t created (soon) then there is a huge possibilty that the OCCK “search for truth” will end in the next generation. This legacy (OCCK) will be left to complete stranger’s who are interested in reading & learning about the OCCK, but who will have no inroads to carry this crusade, other than just playing armchair detectives. I am sure that you must be well aware of this already.

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