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Ok, this is all highly distressing.  I am going to review it and consider disseminating on my blog.  Even if you assume that Mark Stebbins’ abduction and murder investigation was adequate, any cold case investigation with any cred would have started right there as a starting point with the MSP.  Jesus, the ball got so dropped.  By the time Mark’s body was examined, his clothing had all been removed by the suburban cops investigating his murder.  I am a lay person, but I have a number of text books written by experts about cold cases.  They all say the same thing–start at the beginning and pick it apart.  Who picked apart Mark’s abduction?  NO ONE.  That’s why three (and probably more) kids got abducted and murdered.  Down the road, it all gets thrown against the wall and, go figure, nothing sticks.  Nobody in Ferndale gets the job done investigating and then no one in Southfield gets the job done.  And then the stage is set for every other kid who gets abducted, tortured, raped and murdered by whoever is doing this.  Jesus.  Is it that hard?  Go back to the beginning.  My god.  

Aaron, I don’t agree with a lot of what you say or how you have approached and dealt with me, and I am not going to get sucked back into this, but I will say that you are making some points that someone should pay attention to.  My own opinion, which none of you care about, is that the Ferndale, Southfield, Royal Oak, Troy, Berkley, Franklin Village, and Birmingham PD investigations were all completely inadequate.  These PDs were completely ill-equipped to deal with such crimes and could have easily asked for help from Detroit PD.  The result could have been fewer victims.  This is something that is true to this day and should be embraced by these agencies that dropped the ball.  Nobody wants to pull back the curtain.  
All serious cold case investigations start at the very beginning.  No one ever did that here.  I could find five experts who would speak on camera that the ball was dropped here early, big time, and often.  But nobody cares.  
Again, I have no power in this investigation; this is all very painful, but somebody better start paying attention to something here.  If it happened then, it can happen again.  The MSP, the FBI and other agencies who should be exerting effort, are not.  This is the saddest, most pathetic exercise of energy to cover asses that has ever happened.  It has been expended to cover the abduction, torture, rape and murder of innocent children.  It is crazy-making and it is unconscionable.  These agencies are just damn lucky there are so many of us they can point to and accuse of being crazy.  Stringing this to every other serial killer in the U.S.?  Not buying it.  But every single one of these people who contact me have a point.  THE BALL GOT DROPPED AND ANYONE WHO QUESTIONS WHY THAT HAPPENED GETS PEGGED AS CRAZY.    Four dead kids–and probably more–get stepped on yet again every time one of these agencies drops the ball or screws someone over who tries to bring information to light.  Media outlets are prone to keep their LE sources happy.  I get why they keep that mindset.  Dead kids can’t complain, but prosecutors and cops can.  It is all sickening.  
Cathy Broad

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  1. bitamoneyb says:

    Dear Cathy, Why on earth do you say nobody cares about your opinion? You are in a unique although difficult position and we rely on your opinion because you are so close to the terrible event. Thanks

  2. Oh Cathy,I’m so with you.Something needs to be done,behind you all the way!
    Damn Jessica Cooper for starters…..EVIL WOMEN

  3. CHris says:

    You should also know that the msp offered assistence to the berkley pd right after Christine M. Went missing and were turned away. Why A city with the limited resources and little or no experence investigating murders or abductions such as berkley would refuse help from anyone is a mystery to most. But to me it is very clear they didnt want any outside interference untill they had a chance to minipulate witnesses for me i escaped with my life others have not been so lucky. I wish i could say these crimes were commited by a couple of sick child molesters it would make things simple. But the truth is far more terrifying these crimes were commited by a group of police officers. If u examine all the evidence it is the only scenario that makes scence. I think the reason they will not come foward with the truth is obvious. They believe that comming foward would be more damaging to the police then it would be helpful to the victims families to have closure. They are exercising their right aganst self incrimination!

    • cathybroad says:

      Berkley PD is an entire story in itself, and, I’m sorry to say, not a good one as concerns this case. There is plenty there and it is coming. I can’t find support in the evidence for involvement of a group of police officers, but there is evidence implicating a number of different, cops–not as a group, but as a possible individual participant. Berkley PD–Ray Anger, Dave Piche, Chris Flynn and He Who Must Not Be Named, Jim Cox–we could have quite the miniseries about that gang. I will share what I have learned from a variety of sources and you can make up your own mind about how weird and awful this stuff is. All but Chris Flynn, who committed suicide (an interesting suicide configuration–go figure) in 1978, the same week as Chris Busch, are still walking around.

  4. CHris says:

    Comming foward with the truth would also expose several other police officers and others in positions of authority who although were not directly involved in the abductions and murders were complacent in the sandbaging of this investigation after the truth became aparent. There are wittnesses out there screaming to be heard but are being ignored others are simply to afraid to come foward. And you are right the key is to go back to the begining and review the entire case. Nothing like this has happened no reinterveiwing of known wittnesses or anything it is sickning. for the investigators involved this case has been the biggest cash cow of the last 50yrs with zero results.

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