Bear with me here; email I received today.

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Holy SchNIKEees!!! I’m guessing this is one of the many reasons the FEDS covering Charles Blanchard’s pig butt are doing all they can to hinder truth and justice…Bob was right in claiming there could be up to 60 different victims, as he probably figured this out long ago…Many cops and detectives have said It’s weird these killings stopped…Looks like they continued but with a whole new game plan, yet the same route of Death, IE STRANGULATION…the Cop that Killed many was a sergeant in the second precinct, and it looks like he made several joyrides down woodward on his way home to Eight mile and Ferndale…hmmm rather suspect considering the Cynthia Coon, Cynthia Cadieux angle at the beginning of child abductions and murders and ending with Tim King and Kimberly King in 1979…Yet in the fall of 79 and all of 1980 there were up to 18 deaths of women in Detroit…Rather telling is two back to back murders with the same last name of Frazier and these poor victims meeting the exact same unfortunate demise…IE a cop with access to names and records…

Coral Watts was only SUPPOSEDLY linked to 4 of these victims??? What about the Rest??? I am passing gods test you TRUCKERS!!!!
I’ve been waiting for this day forever, and I’m not about to wait for the police to break the news…
I used to have one cop suspect, now I have another COP PERP and leader of the PACK!!! So Charles R. Blanchard was a Detroit Cop whom set up Robert L Anglin for Cynthia Cadieux murder…Why did he do that? Because Robert L. Anglin had a daughter with Denise M Blanchard, Charles’ oldest daughter.I”.. She was 13 and had Michele Jean Anglin and she’s linked as living at &^% Gardendale in the 70’s…She’s linked as family to Denise M. Pattyn as that was the name her mother retained after marrying William Pattyn… Michele Jean Anglin is still alive and now Michele Jean Plumb…I’ve tried to contact her and warn her she’s now in danger but I’ve failed in speaking to her by phone…She has a young daughter and husband so hopefully nothing happens to her or her precious family…PUBLIC RECORD, the feds better not kill another innocent victim in order to cover these mountains of lies hiding the real killers..
Oh yeah, the trail might end up at the James Blanchard camp, as he might be family with Charles… James grew up in Ferndale…Once I spoke to Debbie Jarvis the feds have been erasing contacts and leads at public records websites to stop the paper trail leading to redemption…
Current Date: 07/17/2013
Date of Birth: 1971

The feds must be feeling guilty and scared for doing this to Robert Anglin, as it’s been deleted twenty nine times already…
ROBERT ANGLIN better be left alone, as he’s already paid the piper by spending 35 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit…TRU
Poor dude couldn’t even retain his own counsel…So he’s implicated for a murder based on the words of another felon, yet he can’t hire the lawyer of his choice??? SET UP!!!
Defendant maintains that the trial court abused its discretion by denying his request for substitution of appointed counsel with the result that defendant had to retain his own counsel. While an indigent defendant is guaranteed the right to be represented by counsel, an accused has no right to have counsel of his own choosing appointed nor does he have the right to have his appointed counsel replaced on a whim.
An indigent defendant is not constitutionally entitled to the appointment of an attorney of his choice.
Nevertheless, he may be entitled to have his assigned lawyer replaced upon a showing of adequate cause.
The decision regarding substitution is entrusted to the trial court’s discretion and will not be overturned on appeal absent an abuse of that discretion.
Pill Fickleson, on the Lamb from FBI and Oakland County Cops Covering KILLER COP!!
All of this info is now in the possession of the victim’s families…You Feds covering Peds might try and silence the messenger, but you can’t kill the cause…THIS IS ABOUT MURDERED KIDS, not PROTECTING those whom did it…
The Oakland County Child Killer is Really the AMERICAN LEGION SERIAL KILLER, with 19 kids in the midwest and up to 60 nationwide…
Pamela Hobley, Patricia Spencer, Cynthia Coon, Donna Serra, Cynthia Cadieux, Mark Stebbins, Jane Allen, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich, Tim King, Kimberly King, Dean Peters, Kim Larrow, Laura Wilson, Sandra Butler, Amy Mihaljevic, Tina Harmon, Krista Harrison, Debra Smith…
These are just some of the victims from Michigan and Ohio linked to the American Legion Serial Killer, the victims the system doesn’t give a damn about…WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??? The system is currently only protecting their own interests…TRUST…
<514 Gardendale – Results.pdf><514 GARDENDALE – Results Summary.pdf>


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  1. Interesting. I haven’t read all the info on these cases but the only one that even seems remotely related is the Allan abduction and murder. Her body-found in Ohio- was “gassed” near Jermantown…floating in the river. The “letter” writer changed or dropped vowels and inserted 8 twice. As it may be true there were no talented writers in the area, there were talented musicians.

    This “Allen” informs the good doctor of what he is to do. He says he’s only going to say it once but gets on repeating himself in the transcript. Not only that, he also mentions the Grimlin and that it was junked out. Real interesting!

    Was there a knife found nearby? How about a nice bullet?

    The American Legion Halls are naturally full of drunkards and party animals that would be in the area where most the others were abducted. In the ’70s it was tolerated and not frowned upon.

    I read very little of the archived articles on this (it costs and I’m not all that interested in paying since they already made mega bucks the first time around) but did note one reporter asking a paper delivery boy if he was scared. Odd. Very odd considering Gosch, Martin, and the other in Iowa that disappeared on their routes.

    Who knows? Maybe the 8 twice meant there was a bomb or something. Certainly not a third rate hustler trying to impress a bunch of broken down drunks at the American Legion Hall.

  2. wouldlike2know says:

    You don’ t think that Bobby (Robert) Anglin killed Cynthia Cadieux – I’m not sure why. From what I read he confessed 4 times, not of the murder itself, but of being there and participting in the abduction and rape. I’ve just begun to learn about this murder and need to know more about it. From what I’ve read there was a serial killer at the time along with this murder but they aren’t considered to be related. Did Bobby ever deny connection to the murder?

  3. Had to read “Bob’s” Adobe Report (19 pages) again so that I can make a better assesment. This is only a counterpunch to the American Legion Hall theory. It doesn’t mean that what is believed in theory is wrong, but only the reasons why I do not believe in it. Here it is:

    1. The American Legion Halls were scattered throughout most cities (Oakland County), and so the relevance of it’s proximity to either abduction or murder is mute.

    2. Even if an American Legion Hall had been statistically close it would bear no strategic (symbolic) purpose for the OCCK:

    (a) abductions would have had to take place at ALH functions.
    (b) body dump sites would have had to be at ALH buildings.
    (c) “Allen” letter makes no mention of an ALH.
    (d) there is no correlation between ALH & satanism.

    3. Hobley & Spencer

    (a) both had been abducted in Iosco County.
    (b) both had been abducted seven years prior to the OCCK.
    (c) both were 3-4 years older than OCCK victims age range.
    (d) bodies were never found (this predates changing strategy)
    (e) OCCK never abducted two victims at same time.

    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (1-2%)

    4. Donna Serra

    (a) she had been abducted in Macomb County.
    (b) she had been abducted four years prior to the OCCK.
    (c) she was four years older than OCCK victims age range.
    (d) her body was recovered in a river (not in a snowbank).

    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (6-9%)

    5. Laura Wilson

    (a) she had been abducted in Wayne County.
    (b) she had been abducted four years prior to the OCCK.
    (c) she was four years older than OCCK victims age range.
    (d) she had been sexually assaulted.
    (e) her body was recovered in bushes (not in a snowbank).
    (f) she had skull smashed by a brick.
    (g) “suspect” drove a maroon car.

    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (1%)

    6. Cynthia Cadieux

    (a) she was abducted in Macomb County.
    (b) she was four years older than OCCK victims age range.
    (c) she was assaulted by Anglin & Heinrich (maybe more).
    (d) she had been sexually assaulted (Anglin & Heinrich).
    (e) she had died of blunt force trauma.
    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (6%)

    7. Jane Allen

    (a) her body was recovered in Ohio.
    (b) her body was recovered in a river (not in a snowbank).
    (c) her hands were tied behind her back (David Norberg).
    (d) she had died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (27-28%)

    8. Sandra Butler

    (a) she was abducted in Nevada.
    (b) she was four years older than OCCK victims age range.
    (c) her body has never been found.
    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (0.5%)

    9. Kimberly King

    (a) she was abducted in Macomb County.
    (b) her body has never been found.
    (c) she was abducted late at night.
    (d) David Norberg was “suspected” in her abduction.
    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (12-13%)

    10. Kim Larrow

    (a) she was abducted in Wayne County.
    (b) she had been abducted four years after the OCCK.
    (c) she was three years older than OCCK victims age range.
    (d) her body has never been found.
    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (3%)

    11. Kellie Brownlee

    (a) she had been abducted five years after the OCCK.
    (b) she was five years older than OCCK victims age range.
    (c) she was last seen at a mall (midday).
    (d) her body has never been found.
    (e) Paul Brownlee was “suspected” in her abduction.
    (f) James DeBardeleben was “suspected” in her abduction.
    —percentage of abductor being the OCCK (1-2%)

  4. *if there was a term (theory) called “Macomb/Oakland County Child Killers (MOCCK) then the percentages would obviously be different for the Macomb County abductions/murders.

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