Dug deep and found the letter. Is truth self-evident?

Dug deep and found the letter.  Is truth self-evident?

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” –Arthur Schopenbauer (1788-1860)

I dug deep and found the letter I was referring to in the prior post. This letter was with a letter I received from an inmate in one of Michigan’s fine facilities. I had intended to respond to both letters much prior to this date. In fact, I segregated them out so I would pay extra attention to them. So much for that theory. In my defense, this shit totally bums me out and I deal with it when I can, or under total pressure. Tonight, it’s the latter. I want someone to read this before mid-morning tomorrow.

Readers, you are smart; make of this what you will. I will only make this observation: Berkley PD, you continue to reek in all of this.

Next up, I will try to convey the essence of the inmate’s letter without leaving any identifiers. When I clerked for a judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, I saw more than a few civil rights violations lawsuits filed by inmates. I have some idea what happens to inmates that rock the boat. And this particular guy is someone with only hypotheses (as far as I’m concerned), not demonstrable facts. So why subject him to the kind of torment that someone like, say . . . Maybe an Arch Sloan should be subjected to?

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  1. And a public thank you to the author of this letter. While I have expressed my thanks privately, I wanted to acknowledge the writer here for reaching out.

  2. Someone must have been watching her for her to not call out for help. Its like it was a obeadence challenge for her. I wonder who else entered that diner before her or if i remember right thst place was all glass windows out front and was a very small place. Easy to watch her from outside but still gutsy to send her in. One scream and the worker would have gotten a chance to get involved. Thats too much risk to take. Makes me think this girl just looked like kristine an most likely wasnt her.

    1. I agree fully. The writer of this letter obviously remembers the story told to her by her boyfriend and is not making it up, but it is also a high probability that this wasn’t Kristine. The reasons:

      1. Kristine was only 10 years old; was she really attempting to buy cigarettes at that young age?

      2. If this girl was also underage & trying to buy cigarettes, then she most likely would have appeared “stiff” so as not to reveal her age to the employee “watching” her.

      3. This girl had her head covered when she walked into Tic Toc; once the media would start showing Kristine’s picture the next day (on television), it would have been very easy for a mixup of identities to occur.

      3. Kristine had a blue parka on (as noted in Wellman’s reply).

      4. Kristine went missing earlier in the day; police were already searching for her by night time, so the chances of other people spotting her if she was out “buying cigarettes” would have also happened.

      5. There is no record of Kristine attempting to buy cigarettes earlier in the day at the 7-11 (where she purchased magazine). It was her first time walking to the store alone; if she wanted to buy cigarettes, then it would have happened then, not later in the evening when she was reported missing and should have been in contact with her mother.

      6. If the letter is implying that the OCCK was sending Kristine into Tic Toc to buy cigarettes for him, think again. This person had “ruses” to abduct these children. Letting them walk into a diner by themself would amount to them letting that child go free again.

      The letter is very insightful, however, and like I said before, it doesn’t mean that this person wasn’t Kristine. It just isn’t very likely that it was. One thing is certain, however, and that is that it was Kristine who was found on January 21st, 1977 in Franklin Village. Her untimely death has to have some justice to it!

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