One thought on “The “G-12” for this week.”

  1. A couple of quotes that I thought I’d pass along, as the MSP has reportedly told the Associated Press ( that they were unable to find a VIN number for the unearthed Gremlin:

    Accoring to this page (discussing Gremlins only):

    “The VIN tag on all 1968 and later cars sold in the US will be on the left side of the dash board visible through the windshield. The VIN is also stamped into the left frame sill behind the steering gear box. It is necessary to remove the steering gear box to view the VIN in this location.”

    An alternate point of view from a webpage containing extensive info about all AMC VIN numbers (at )

    “And finally….a few words from actual Kenosha assembly line workers: “I will also tell you this…Rich (a friend) worked the broadcast machine (actually a vintage form of telegraph) and I wouldn’t put too much stake in vin numbers as AMC got sloppy with them. I was relief person for the i-panel job where I riveted the tags to the crash panels and I know firsthand they were not in sequence and most of the time, the tag was changed to match the car on the line as it was too much effort to change the sequence rather than put the car in the repair hole at the end of the line.”

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