Blue Shirt

Blue Shirt

Saying they are focusing on the blue Gremlin, to the exclusion of every other car witnesses saw in connection with other body drop-offs in this case is like focusing on the last photo of Tim seen alive in his blue shirt. Science fair winner, hours before he was abducted, held captive for six days and then murdered.

Does it help? Not really. And yes, to the observant viewers who have noted this in the past: his finger nails are long and they are dirty. Just like my Mom told the cops. Which is why it was so sick the autopsy showed they were cut and cleaned. Thanks for noticing.

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  1. If only we had a time machine and could go back on the dates of the abductions of the 4 kids and see what really happened, who did it and how it was done. How I wish. Until then we must continue to chip away at this, piece by piece.

    With all the movie making that’s been going on in the Detroit area the past several years, I’m wondering if we could contact any of the directors/producers and ask them to make a movie or documentary of the Oakland County Child Killings of the 1970’s.

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