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I received this email from an astute reader this morning.  I can’t say it any better, so with the author’s permission, here it is–

Good Morning Cathy,

I watched the entire DVD and I thought it was very good. I also thought it was a good review of the pertinent evidence.

A couple of things stuck with me in particular. Your  Dad mentioned that  three different sources who came to him independently before the Busch story went public all stated that they heard from three different police officers that the case was solved and the son of a former GM exec was the perpetrator.  This is more than a coincidence.

The next thing was the eye witness who saw Timmy with Busch in the “Blue Gremlin” (easily mistaken for a blue Vega) who was adamant about what she saw but was blown off by law enforcement  then and in the recent investigation.  Negligent and shameful to say the least.  Why would she be so adamant if she weren’t telling the truth? Why do these leads just disintegrate?

This is powerful circumstantial evidence that has been ignored.

Frankly I think the public would be quite convinced that Busch did it if we could condense the 6 hours down to about an hour and a half and just hit the highlights of the evidence and cover up.  The above facts that your Dad mentioned would be important to include.

I really think it all gets back to money and the MSP trying to save face. They let two killers go and the County doesn’t want to go broke paying off civil suits.  I have to believe they released Green also for a while if he was cleared on the polygraph. As your Dad mentioned other than cooper no one in law enforcement can rule out Busch. There is too much evidence against him. It’s like the Jon Benet case when they couldn’t rule out Patsy Ramsey as the author of the ransom note. My belief is she wrote the note to cover for her son who accidentally killed Jon Benet. There is no other explanation.

I think we need to focus on what we know and go from there. We know that a 1971 or 1972 Pontiac Lemans was involved in the Mihelich murder from the snow bank impressions. (Wondering if they were able to get a plate number also from the snow bank impression. Seems possible).  We also have an excellent witness at the HM pharmacy who knew cars and stated that it was the same make and model that was at the Mihelich crime scene. We also have a partial plate of “222”.  It would make sense to me to contact all persons that law enforcement interviewed including Greene’s brothers to see if they recall if Greene drove a Pontiac lemans.  The Busch nephews would also be good sources. It would also be helpful to see if Flint PD, his parole officer or the secretary of state has any vehicle information on Greene.  Your Dad mentioned that Bowman was picked up by Busch and Green in a Pontiac.  This could be the vehicle?  The only person that has the time to follow this path  would be Marnie Kennan possibly.  She is quite skilled.  I am sure she would be willing to help. I think LE has tanked the Busch lead. We can expect no further help from them.  I never heard back from the FBI and they are too focused on Sloan now which is a mistake in my view. Tunnel vision.

Another side note, It was mentioned that Busch named all three of the abduction locations. The reason he named then in my view was to cover his tracks in case LE had witnesses that could be put him at the scenes. It all adds up. People that have read the facts and like you, your family and me know the truth. Too bad the OCP hasn’t bothered to read the facts

Finally, it was mentioned that  Brent Busch [nephew of Chris Busch] was at the cottage on Ess Lake with the Gunnels brothers [Vince, aka James & Paul].  The dots are connected. Brent is aquainted with the Gunnels brothers. Busch buys them beer and drugs and they hang out in Birmingham and near by. Gunnels is abused by Busch and turns into an accomplice. It all makes sense.

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  1. Wow! Excellent! I wish this person could look at our case too because I would be so interested in his opinion. Where do we go when there seems no place to turn? It is so maddening and so frustrating! We are in the same exact place you are and I just want to scream sometimes. The answer is right in front of them but they just don’t want to take the final step and either name the suspect or arrest anyone and try the cases. Godspeed and much prayer is needed in both our cases.


  2. I had not heard before that there are Busch nephews, brothers etc still alive but clearly there ARE people who are withholding a wealth of information.
    You’re saying that it is known that the Pontiac had 222 in the license plate? And I read previously that LE in MI says there are no records kept from the 70s. And that if there were it would be a daunting task to track down every 222 Pontiac.
    Don’t believe it. I’m SURE all the plates from Kingdom Come are recorded on microfiche somewhere. And let me tell you a story. I was in California. A certain suspect needed to be tracked down. I told a certain huge LE agency what the person’s name was. They said oh, there are 250 people in CA with that name. We can’t check all of them out. Well, I did my own research. They lied. There were only 26 people in the whole state of CA with that name.
    LE can be lazy. They get paid whether they solve something or not. If they don’t particulary like women or the complainant they can and will tell you anything they want.

    1. Yes, the interview of Doug Wilson–both pre and post-hypnosis in April 1977–included his observation of the 222 on the license plate of the LeMans in the parking lot near where he saw who he later realized was Tim, skateboarding. Here’s who is still alive with probable relevant info but with apparently little to say: Busch’s older brother (the other two are deceased), two nephews (a third was quite young in 1977), James Vincent Gunnels (Vince), Paul Gunnels (younger brother), Gunnels’ sister, relatives of Greg Green (at least one brother), cellmates of Green and of Gunnels, Douglas Bennett (convicted sex offender living in Alabama). Others with relevant information (not even necessarily tied to the Busch lead) have passed away over the decades. Who knows who else should have been talked to but was not.

      1. Don’t forget Arch Sloan.

        I have a hunch that the reason prosecutors leaked the evidence connecting Sloan and Gunnels to the media was essentially payback for their refusal to cooperate–or, to look at it from another angle, investigators tried to use the evidence as leverage in order to pry information from both men, but were either unsuccessful or unsatisfied with what they learned.

        If nothing else, it is apparent that DNA matching is a major objective of the current task force, and they would seem to have cast a fairly wide net, are systematically running tests on people such as Gunnels who, at first glimpse, would seem only circumstantially connected to this case. They even ran John Wayne Gacy’s DNA against what they have, and I seriously doubt Gacy was ever viewed by anybody as a legitimate suspect in this case.

        This raises several questions:
        1. Is there (or are there) a suspect (or suspects), with whom evidence has been matched, that are currently cooperating with investigators? In other words–they are cooperating because investigators have threatened to publicize compelling DNA evidence implicating them (as they did with Sloan and Gunnels?) The answer is that we don’t know.

        2. Again, this is just guesswork, but while an individual such as Busch’s brother may not be able to provide investigators with much information (other than about family pets), I would hope that investigators at least asked him to provide them with a DNA sample. Whether he did or not is anybody’s guess, but if Busch’s DNA has ever been successfully matched with any evidence in this case, it is difficult to understand why that would not have been announced to the public. That, combined with the fact that investigators continue to conduct DNA tests among an apparently ever-widening circle of suspects, would seem to indicate that all existing DNA evidence tends to exclude Busch. AGAIN–THIS IS JUST A GUESS. Have investigators attempted to conduct similar tests through any of the other aforementioned surviving family members of suspect? Again–it is reasonable to presume that yes, they have tried this tactic. What is more unlikely is the prospect of prosecutors ever attempting to prosecute, particularly before a jury, any suspect for these murders without any DNA evidence. (This, of course, overlooks the notion that certain statements made by the lab technician in her 1977 reports raise questions about the handling of evidence by police–whether those questions are legitimate or not, they may still provide reasonable doubt.)

  3. Has anyone seen the movie “Prisoners?” I just saw it today. OMG! I swear they got some of the plot from the Oakland County Child Killer case.

    It’s about two girls who went missing and got abducted, with a faulty police investigation where the father of one of the girls knows one of the suspects was involved but the police deny it.

    A boy who just happened to be named “Barry” who went missing 26 years ago. A sketch of one of the suspects in the movie who looks similar to the sketch of the suspect seen with Tim King and the blue Gremlin, a suicide by the key suspect as well as a law enforcement person connected to the case.

    Though the outcome of this movie was different than the OCCK case, I thought it had the OCCK case written all over it.

    I suggest everyone on this blog go out and see the movie “Prisoners” and let me know what you think.

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