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  1. So this is how Oakland County rolls? Your words could be coming from my mouth. I hope to see more of your video.



    1. I hope you do watch it, Jessie. As background, here is what I said leading up to “no one in Oakland County has talked to us since 2006”: I explained that as of July 2013 I believed Oakland County was not doing anything in the case. Why do I say that? Because we have been told by investigators–both public (not Oakland County or MSP) and private (retired investigators and private investigators), as well as authors writing about the case that they are talking to people who most definitely should have been talked to by the task force AND Oakland County and they are all saying the same thing: No one from Oakland County has spoken to us since 2006 (if ever).

      That is where the quote comes from. People from O.C. have given lip service to my Dad, but have said nothing of substance. You know the drill all too well first hand yourself. I’m sorry you are in the same position we are.

  2. The opening statement (as narrated by your Father Mr. King) is the essence of what was told to me. Those words and idea alone tell that at least one, and certainly more, individual(s) KNOW who did this, and despite any legal or professional obligations; actually Lacked the moral and human depth to do anything about it. There is of course more to what was told to me from that source, but that short statement really says it all. This case was never really a mystery at all as to who did this, and we now need to know not only who ALL those perpetrators were, but also to know who chose to cover it up. Bank accounts need to be researched in the time frame of relevance of who paid out, and who received. Enablers of child molesters are on par with being child molesters themselves, and no mercy should be shown them.

  3. I just got the DVD. I have played about 2 hours of it. Regarding that, I am very curious as to why Kristine’s sister and mother were ushered in to open arms by LE, to be shown evidence and crime pictures while the King family was brushed off every time. This indicates that there is more to this, perhaps something left unsaid as to why LE is so uncooperative with you. Were there threats of lawsuits, lots of screaming phone calls. harrassment during the night, whatever? Here we have a family of professionals, at least two lawyers (the Kings). Usually LE is more cooperative with folks who are prosperous. I gather that the other family is less well off. But LE helped them out? Very odd and very unusual. Could you comment on that?
    I must say it is very very hard to look at Mr. King. I am so furious with all those who will not reveal what they know at this very late date. Just indicative of the corruption culture of Detroit I guess.

    Mr. Coffey, you said what I’ve always said. People KNOW.

    The thing that stunned me was in the accompanying paper print out in the DVD package which talks about the victims’ disappearances and body recoveries and lab results. It states that in the Stebbins case SPERM WAS RECOVERED FROM THE BODY. Have I missed something all these years? What’s up with that? Do they claim now that it’s lost? Obviously we need to know whether it match any relatives of the suspects!

    1. We have never, ever threatened a lawsuit. No screaming. My Dad is a gentleman. Paul Walton, Jessica Cooper’s chief deputy, would not even respond to my Dad’s “good morning” in court when they crossed paths in the FOIA lawsuit. This group of LE is used to calling the shots and doesn’t like victims who are not quiet and compliant. It’s our actions they don’t like–too bad. We would have never gotten this far had we not been attorneys and had some sense of how the game is played. That is a sad fact. By the time Garry Gray from the MSP reached out to Kris’ Mom, he was furious I had gone to Cory Williams at Livonia PD (because I knew the MSP wouldn’t listen to a word I said) and was trying to stick it to both us and Cory Williams. He said some things in that meeting which made things a lot worse for them. Karma.

  4. I read a little about Dyer Grossman of the charitable boys mission. He once was a science teacher. That explains alot! The hairs in Melehich’s mouth, the science project your brother won, the foreigner involvement.

    The California connection is explained through advertisements in gay magazines it seems. One of the brilliant Mensa members took the name “Starchild.”

    If you ever read the tarot, you’ll notice they go off the pictures and have been instructed on how to interpret. Once I read a handkerchief is involved. Might explain one being found near the crime scene. Makes a good mystery, sells newspapers, and even “John” went into some sort of dialogue about water being psychic.

    Not only was this a porn ring, but also a terrorist organization.

  5. I again checked the paper affidavit attachment that came with the DVD. It DOES say that sperm was located on Mark Stebbins. Isn’t this a smoking gun plus?

    1. One would think. Especially given that late in the game, task force officials were still denying there was ANY physical evidence. I have a news article where a prosecutor from long ago directly disputes that assertion. Pathetic.

      1. Yes, the affidavit for the search warrant for Busch’s parents’ home at 3310 Morningview Terrace, Bloomfield Hills (Village), MI, dated October 28, 2008, and signed by MSP D/Sgt. Garry Gray, states at paragraph E that the autopsy of Mark Stebbins reveals that “[e]xamination of smears taken from several orifices (as noted) revealed the presence of sperm.'” And MSP report in FOIA document 02499, regarding the autopsy of Mark Stebbins, as per Det./Sgt. Varajon, noted Dr. Patanga at O.C.M.E.’s office “obtained semen from anal and oral cavities . . . Slides of semen obtained from Dr. Patanga to be transported to MSP crime lab in Northville.”

        Compare this with my blog post of April 12, 2013, which is an article from the Detroit Free Press dated September 2, 1999: More kids deaths may be linked in ’70’s cases, by Hugh McDiarmid, Jr. In this article, Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor and Chief of the Warrants Division, Jim Halushka, said that reference to sperm and additional hair samples in the warrant to exhume suspect and pedophile David Norberg in 1999 came directly from original investigative documents. Berkley Detective and somehow permanent task force member, Ray Anger, told the reporter that “there was no such evidence.” “‘The warrant may say that, but it’s not correct,’ said Berkley Detective Ray Anger, who has led the exhumation and testing.” (Detroit Free Press, 9-2-99.)

        As I stated in my April 12, 2013 blog post, APA Halushka response was that “if that evidence doesn’t exist–as Anger contends, it’s news to him.” “‘Either Ray was confused or in error when he told you that,’ Halushka said Wednesday.”

        The article continued: “The sperm reference ‘was directly written on the autopsy report,’ and transferred to the warrant request that Anger reviewed and approved, he [Halushka] said. Anger said he was unaware of errors in the warrant. Investigators have said the presence of sperm noted in the original autopsy report on the killer’s first known victim, Mark Stebbins was later determined to be incorrect.”

        LIARS. Yeah, Ray, I have a couple of bones to pick with you–and not those of David Norberg. How easy answer would that have been? And, despite the fact that no DNA tied that creep to the murders, he was NEVER ruled out, according to subsequent news articles. Yet every other viable suspect in this case has been ruled out if there is no firm, nuclear DNA match. You make up the rules as you go. And you burned a bunch of little kids and entire communities by doing it.

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