Finally reaching out in response to people

I have a number (as in way more than a few) of email messages and Facebook messages from people I still need to respond to.  I am trying to link one person up with an attorney and someone else who can witness the conversation.  I couldn’t deal with it over the holidays.  Most of the mail I get is very supportive and some of it involves serious information I need to get into the right hands.  That is not as easy as it sounds.  I get some hate mail and I get badgered by some people who want me to help them help me (right; I’ve heard that before).  It goes with the territory.  I still believe the majority of people who contact me are not only well-meaning, they have something of import to say to law enforcement.  They aren’t being taken seriously.  That is awfully familiar.  Some are not well-meaning, but they still have something law enforcement needs to hear.  I’m working on it.  Cut me some slack.  Image

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  1. You are one person; the one brave enough to stomp on the snake den which makes people feel like you can make anything happen. I think it’s telling that so many reach out to you with information ignored by LE (me included). These cases are NOT forgotten as some would like us to believe. I would like to look your father in the eye and tell him I was taken seriously by LE and that his son has been on my mind every day since March 17, 1977. I can’t say that about LE, but I can say that about Tim.

  2. Catherine, there will be a front page story on Francis Shelden and the crimes, Leelanau Enterprise, January 16 issue. I wrote one of the pieces and referenced your blog. You may be able to speak to a reporter if you contact me very soon. Kathy Firestone

  3. Catherine, God bless you and your family. I was at Adams Elementary with Tim, a few grades behind, but he was in one of my older brothers’ class, and I remember Tim. It is beyond awful what happened to Tim and what has happened in this investigation. Thank you for your blogging to keep it public. Nobody who lived in southeast ( at least) Michigan at the time forgets, and everyone deserves the truth.

  4. Dear Cathy: Stay strong! I can’t wait to read the new article on Fox Island—way to stir it up and get those reporters back to work on digging out “the rest of the story”! Can”t wait to hear the media explanation for why Marilyn Wright was the only one covering it. Newspapers only look the other way on a major story when they can count on earning their profit elsewhere, if you know what I mean. Your bravery is most inspiring. Keep kicking and blogging away! Let them light up your blog as they scurry around the globe.

  5. Cathy, I think you should encourage all those who have something to tell, but were brushed off by LE, to do this: Write an affidavit (I’m not a lawyer but I think that’s an okay term) and have it notarized and sent to you for a comprehensive file, which I assume you or your brother or father have made. Their words need to be preserved by somebody who cares and no one cares more than you.

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