Undated copy of editorial from unknown newspaper in the MSP file re: Frank Shelden, provided in response to a FOIA request. This file is pathetically thin, given what was involved. More to follow.

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  1. Cathy:

    I am now totally immersed in this case. I just watched the Channel 7 news video broadcast that aired in 2012 when Cooper disclosed the two hairs found in Arch Sloan’s car and that he is incarcerated. So I had to see which prison he is in and was curious if him and Teddy boy are in the same place or if he was in Carson City with the idiot’s son from that church I was at. Nope, but they are in silence – Ted and Arch. How can they rat on each other before they died is the key!

    Jessie Kanehl

  2. Good Afternoon Ms. Broad,

    I’m sorry, I’m new to blogging and I can’t really figure out how to post something on the website. Maybe I’m on the wrong page. I have one question though. For the King family, how would justice look at this point? If Shelden is dead and Busch is dead and the Sr. Busch is dead and – my deepest sympathies and no disrespect intended but Timmy is dead – so none of that can be changed. What then would provide satisfaction and “justice” (as much as it could be achieved at this point) for the King family? If you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts on that, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you,


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      1. To Julie.

        I’ll never forget the shock of these events on our neighborhood. For years kids in our neighborhood were able to walk around without fear, and feel mature about being able to go to Hunter/Maple Pharmacy on their own as I did starting at an age younger than Tim so many times. But after these murders children alone on the streets disappeared. There were no more Big Wheel races down our street. That Halloween and all after had only young children who were escorted by their parents at our door for candy. You just wouldn’t know unless, and I hope you never do, experience it for yourself.

        I truly believe there are many who were involved in these sick acts against children who are still alive, which is why those with answers are still avoiding the truth and hiding the facts. Efforts like Cathy’s and her family are very welcome and necessary in protecting as many children and their families as possible from ever having to go through such pain again.

  3. Most likely no other newspaper touched on this for the same reason we don’t get answers or justice for your brother’s murder. Because those involved have a lot of power and influence that they are able to keep secret. Keep up the good work and pressure as I believe the truth will all come to light one day soon.

  4. This is response to julie.


    When you dont learn from your history it will repeat itself. When you let injustices go unpunished it will happen again.

    There is no possible way that everyone involved in this twisted sick crime are all dead. It is not as simple as 4 dead children and a dead perp. It goes much deeper and those who are the most responsible are still out there. Still doing wrongs.

    For the families they need closure.

    For those who grew up thru those times, we need to know! We grew up thinking we could be next and we watch our kids like a hawk now. It is because of oock that we do that.

  5. I’m watching ID tv and am watching as I type their episode on this case about N. Fox Island. I understand what it’s like to be abused and not heard even now at age 52. I want to do whatever I can to help any and all children.
    I deeply hate what was, has and probubly still being done to all children.

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