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  1. I think the same research technique needs to be applied to the missing sperm sample that LE admits was taken from the Stebbins boy. If a round file says it’s been destroyed then please go spend another day and a half looking for it. Why would anyone discard an item of evidence like that?

  2. Just so I understand–The file does still exist, correct? I guess I’m confused as far as the allegations about both the suicide and the suicide report. However, the only items I seem to recall seeing are the redacted photos one of the Detroit media outlets posted online a couple of years ago. What bothered me about the redactions is just that I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of photographs of Busch’s face that I’ve ever seen, and of those, I would wager that they were all booking photographs. That said, I’m hard-pressed imagine that any images of Busch’s corpse could possibly be as disturbing as that drawing posted on the wall of his room.

    The biggest question I still have about Busch’s suicide concerns those ropes found at the scene–have the police ever stated any sort of finding related to them? I seem to recall that they had gone missing or something, although it’s never been clear to me what, if any, physical evidence was removed from that scene, and whether or not any of it still exists–again, I keep returning to that drawing, and the ropes. More to the point–did the police look for anything else that Busch might have left behind? Given his criminal record, as well as his history of child pornography possession, it still has never been clear to me the extent to which the police investigated that particular crime scene.

    1. Andrew, the file does exist. I will post it and you can draw your own conclusions about how the Bloomfield Township PD and the Oakland County ME handled things. You are right on–he corpse photos are no where near as disturbing as that pencil drawing. The only unredacted “suicide” photos in my possession are small, B&W photos. I am still trying to locate color photos but I bet the original response from the MSP was of the same quality. I will post them anyway. The redacted photos are large and in color. Go figure. The ropes–I have more to say about them after I find a copy of the affidavit submitted in the recent past by an MSP employee who “processed” them back in the day.

      Did the Bloomfield Township PD or any other state or local agency look for more on Busch? I’m sure Daddy Warbucks the brakes on any of that. Did the FBI inquire more deeply? We will never know. Their document retention facilities are prone to catastrophic flooding incidents.

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