Some of the photos from the Busch “suicide” scene

11 thoughts on “Some of the photos from the Busch “suicide” scene”

  1. Can’t help but think this was the very room in which your brother and the other victims were “kept”.

  2. Did anyone else notice that there are TWO cups placed next to the box of shells? Looks like Bush may have had company shortly before tucking himself neatly into bed and shooting himself precisely between the eyes with his non-dominant hand.

    1. That’s right. I saw these photos for the first time today, 9/26/19. Previously, I had only seen the redacted one of Busch’s body on the bed and the shot of the ropes on the floor. THERE ISN’T ANY BLOOD SPATTER. This is huge. This can’t be where he was killed or committed suicide. You CAN’T shoot yourself in the mouth without creating massive blood spatter behind you. The wall behind his bed is pristine. Something is faked here.

  3. You wouldn’t use a 22 rifle to shoot yourself in the head if you had a handgun and a shotgun (which he did) but you might if you were murdering a passed-out guy with a .4% BAC and didn’t want the shot to be heard by the neighbors or passersby.

  4. That room is a hot mess but the table with the shotgun shells is neat right down to the placement of the pens. It doesn’t fit in this room.

    1. Crazy, right? But nothing to see here. Bloomfield Township cops and MSP task force cave to H. Lee Busch. This POS did not off himself. While whoever killed him did a service to humanity, the Busch family was able to keep this all on the down low and squelch any inquiry, just like they were able to keep their sick son on the streets. LE gave H. Lee and Elsie another 25 years to live off of their wealth and pretend they were not monsters themselves. Brooks and Dick Thompson–they knew, too. So did others, including Jane Burgess, Larry Wasser and others. They had to have. Because the killings allegedly stopped, they all convinced themselves they could live with it. They all have/had blood on their hands.

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