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  1. My question would be – did any of those suspects own a vehicle that matched the description of a car bumper like the imprint in the snow? That bumper imprint is the only physical evidence besides the hair so it is crucial! Did they ever look at the suspects vehicles?



  2. #1 sign of terrorist conspiracy theorists (typically criminals/people with mental problems) that spread mental illness through their delusions so people like Dr. Danto could spread his moronic crap taking over the area. The map, the Z pattern to Johnboy’s house, the street signs where the bodies were dumped, the letter with 8 for ‘ (linguistic training and a continuation of the Zodiac letters) and the science photo (dna training).

    First suspects, a “team” from the college in Ann Arbor. Perhaps a foreign student that left soon afterwards was near the Gremlin…an English Language candidate or such. ( May explain why a real “babysitter” killer from another country was included).

    The nearby hippies with their alien spacecraft (possibly a hoovercraft or LSD reaction to something) must have been a diversion for a drug drop…in Ann Arbor.

    Make everyone paranoid and they’ll report on everyone to the police who in turn will do nothing but spread more gossip…because they are swamped and because they love the gossip.

    Druggies must have been trolling the area and were in/at the pharmacy.
    If the Gremlin wasn’t important, why wasn’t it ever found?

    If the lemans had a hitch, perhaps this was someone that moved often: a student, photographer, special events worker, etc.

    The letter by Allen…hogwash! Just mentioning he has a delivery route gives him away. Most PI’s use that excuse for anyone that might be mobile. Odds are the writer is an investigator or journalist. The letter writer basically profiles the killer himself. (The cigarette pack at the scene and a lighter on the desk of Busch)

    Does anyone remember people with ham radios, cb’s that were used to stalk, or phone stalking in the area? What about odd newspaper postings other than the one the letter writer ordered, hence controlling the press.

    What did the area children have to say about weird activity at that time? Strange stuff at school?

  3. Thats what i wonder, did anyone ever check to see if Busch or any of the other suspects drove a Lemans or Skylark? I think the Gremlin was just there and it became the car everyone looked for. I also wonder why the person that owned that Gremlin who obviously worked or was in the drug store or market didnt come forward to say that it was their car. Unless they didnt want to get involved. My sister owned a periwinkle blue Gremlin at the time of the killings and the FBI went to her apt in Oak Park to talk to her about my Brother In Law who sometimes drove the car. He was also stopped by the local police. The police ran with the Gremlin story and stopped anyone who drove one at the time.

  4. Hi Cathy,

    I was doing some research and I stumbled upon this story…I know the timeline is a little off…But the name is not one I have seen in relation to the OCCK case….Maybe you are familiar with this one?…Robert Beeler….Another sick child predator.

    Here is a link to the story of this pedophile and it looks like he was in Michigan in the early 80’s and probably earlier too.


    Take care. Babette Dajos


  5. I think the interest in the “Gremlin” took off like a bottle rocket simply because of the name of the car. After all, Gremlin fits a predator a lot better then “Le Mans”. It’s a media darling name.

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