Yeah, McKinney. Think about it. 

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  1. Shawn says:

    What a shame .

  2. bitamoney says:

    Hi, This is your whole post? I don’t know what to make of it except….McKinney is the killer or McKinney killed Busch…?

    • Marie Cribari says:

      Turns out that McKinney, Busch and Hastings hung out at Common Grounds. Also it turns out that Arch Sloan was connected in the Cass and very possibly related to John Sloan (must prove it), who was married to Reverend Redmond’s daughter. At some point all the dots connect in the maze of bad guys.
      McKinney’s hit was so “Cass Corridor.”

  3. bengalgirl says:

    After reading your blog and “Portraits in the snow” I have a horrible gut feeling about John Mckinney. He was my suspect before I read the book. I did read he was from Texas and he became a chaplain to forgive his past. That would certainly be something to research.
    His son’s attraction to North fox island is also very strange.

    • MFCribari says:

      He spent a lot of time right across the street from the King home. Timmy would have recognized him – maybe enough to go with him. His murder was loud ugly and in the faces of everyone. I believe he was heavily involved in all that went on in that dark world.

      • Ringtracker says:

        You wrote about an attractive couple from Birmingham that had an art gallery that used to come to the cass corridor to visit sex workers… anymore info on that detail?

    • Marie says:

      Turns out McKinney, as a chaplain visited the communities for the elderly out in Oakland (Pontiac). Reverend Redmond was known for his work with the elderly in the same area.

  4. Charlie Hertel says:

    Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Livonia Guy says:

    “Two guns were found in Flynn’s car; Flynn’s gun and a 44-caliber gun registered to Berkley Officer Krussel. The gun belonging to Krussel was found on the floor of the car between the passenger seat and door. “.

    Was there ever any information regarding how Officer Flynn had Officer Krussel’s gun in his possession??? Did he steal it? Is Officer Krussel still alive?

    • cathybroad says:

      I have no clue as to the answers–I wish I did. I’m guessing no one ever chatted Krussel up on the record. If the guy is still alive, I would hope someone in the current task force has spoken with him.

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