Forty-one years ago today.

My brother Tim’s body was found in a ditch along Gill Road on March 22, 1977, after six long days being held captive, raped and tortured.  I found this poem in a box of documents my Mother had saved.  It must have meant a lot to my Mom, because she saved it and surely it evoked very painful memories.  Andrea, thank you.

I also ran across an email from a dear friend, who passed away this year.  She was the kind of friend who sent me flowers in March, acknowledging the loss of Tim and the sadness of losing a sibling, a loss society generally ignores.  She ended this particular email (discussing a tip the police disregarded back in the day and again in 2011–and frankly, to this day) by saying “It takes a village to raise a child . . . it will take that same village to finally let him rest in peace.  I was part of that village.”  Thank you, Bridget.

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  1. Your brothers horrific death needs to be kept in the public eye for more than once a year….. I will never forget him and the other victims of this sadistic killer(s). My heartful sympathy on this sad day.

  2. I think of you often Cathy! I miss seeing you each week in group – Hope all is well, and I’ll always admire you for your strength and resiliency. Love, Donna xoxo

  3. This case will continue to haunt me. Thinking of you and your family Cathy, with sincere condolences.

  4. I remember the day they found your brother Cathy and although I didn’t know you or your family I could only imagine the anguish you were going through. I have carried your story in my heart all these years and I continue to be amazed at your strength and resolve to carry on this battle. I pray for you always. Xoxo

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