(833)784-9425 to report tips in the child killer case

Thank you, Kevin Dietz and Channel 4 Detroit, and thank you to all who participated in creating this series on the child killer case.  Oakland County citizens–demand that these tips be adequately investigated.  Local officials from the prosecutor’s office don’t get to just show their face on film and continue business as usual.  Make sure these tips are investigated, keep the public apprised and don’t use this tip line as a garbage disposal and another reason for “no comment.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

This Wednesday, February 13, 2019, WDIV-Detroit Local 4 will premiere a primetime special: “Child Killer” — and a five-part digital docuseries of the same name — that follows “the heartbreaking and riveting true-crime story” about Michigan’s Oakland County child killer case that is still unsolved 40-plus years later.

The “Child Killer” special airs at 10 p.m. this Wednesday.  The digital docuseries, available on ClickOnDetroit at 11 p.m., chronicles this case from February 1976 to the present.  It is said to feature never seen before video and interviews from the crime scenes.  I am grateful for the exposure of these cases and the chance to get people talking for real about these crimes.  I am hopeful there is accurate information and not a recitation of the myths and fabrications that line the entire sordid history of the Oakland County child killer case.

Thank you to a reader for sending me the information about the date and time this show and docuseries will air.