Call the tip line, #833-784-9425

If you have any information or even suspicions, PLEASE call the tip line at 833-784-9425.  I’m sure the police can keep your name out of any discussion they have with a suspect or his family and associates.  One of my readers made the point that time is of the essence.  Act while there are still momentum and pressure in these cases.  This is probably it.

Call the tip line even if you have spoken to police multiple times before.  Posting here or emailing me just adds another step to the process.  Tonight the Investigation Discovery show “Children of the Snow” airs.  It is a four hour series airing tonight and tomorrow night.  The case will get world-wide exposure, not just in metro Detroit.

Nothing I say to police will advance your lead.  You have to get up the courage and call the tip line.  If you don’t hear back, then you can email me and I will put you in touch with other documentarians working on this case.  I don’t have police powers.  I can’t research your lead.  I don’t have access to police files.  I only have access to the $11,000 worth of redacted documents the Michigan State Police deemed compliant with FOIA requests.  I have no sway with police.  The necessity of this blog has ensured that.

Whoever did this has had his lived his life for over 40 years with no repercussions.  His family has been able to move on without any repercussions.  Was it not obvious in the WDIV series what this has done to the families of the victims in this case?  Get your shit together and call the tip line.  Don’t email me about how you know people in Michigan who killed kids and fed them to their dogs.  What am I supposed to do with that information?

A couple of readers have mentioned that Fox Island is muddying the waters here.  Probably so.  Frank Shelden and Fox Island sell books and shows.  I do think it is relevant as background for how the Detroit area law enforcement and media handled situations involving people with money and put men who were criminals ahead of children.  While the Traverse City Record-Eagle was publishing a multi-part investigative series about Shelden and Fox Island in 1976-1978, the Detroit area media hardly touched it.  And it WAS relevant to the general discussion at the time because it was going on at the same time the OCCK was hunting kids.  But the MSP and Oakland County controlled the narrative.  And that narrative helped keep the case from ever being solved.

But why not take a page from the two courageous men who described going to Fox Island back in the day as boys?  They were filmed constantly while they “skinny dipped,” and one of them was physically violated.  They spoke on camera.  IF THEY CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN LEAVE A TIP IN THE OCCK CASE ON A RECORDED PHONE LINE.

DNA technology is constantly evolving.  The needle in the haystack is easier to find if there is a name.  Thus far the source of the DNA in this case is not in any data base or police files.  This case has been unfairly elevated to one where only DNA will be accepted as a way to solve the case.  Give police a name so we can get over this hurdle.

Busch–total slob and monied, worthless fat fuck.  I agree, a kid probably wouldn’t go with him.  But the fact is he approached many kids–males and females, and raped many boys.  Lots of people also saying that the Busch lead derailed the investigation.  Again–look at the larger theme.  If he wasn’t involved, why did someone murder him and try to frame him as the OCCK?  Why didn’t the prosecutor pick up the phone and tell the families about this back in the day?  That answer is obvious.  H. Lee Busch was going to make sure that never happened.  But what did happen?  Over the decades, cops mentioned this suspect–the son of a wealthy GM exec–to people on the street.  It came up in conversations in bars and in stores.  The name bubbled to the surface again in 2006–of course it eventually did.  Officials would gladly talk about David Norberg, Ted Lamborgine and many other potential suspects in the press, but Busch and Green?  No way!  Something really stinks in this investigation and I hope that becomes more obvious after the ID show airs.  Misfeasance or malfeasance?  See for yourself.  Either way, it didn’t work out for Mark, Jill, Kris and Tim.

Tonight and tomorrow the case will reach a worldwide audience.  But in a few weeks, this will all die down and go away.  Oakland County is banking on that.  SO PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL IN YOUR INFORMATION EVEN IF YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO POLICE BEFORE.  833-784-9425.

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