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I have had three people email me in the last couple days to tell me their comment(s) were not posted on my blog and asking if I had a problem with what they were saying.  I have had a lot of traffic on the blog and approve almost every comment.  Many people designate their comments with DO NOT POST, and I move those comments to a separate mail box to try to avoid accidentally posting them online.  Some comments have made their way into that mailbox and sat waiting approval.  I apologize.  I try to play it safe with posts people want kept private.  If you prefer, email me at  And please, if you have a tip, call the tip line too!!!

Then there are the freaky, make-no-sense, sometimes borderline-threatening posts that I never post.  I will not scare away legitimately interested people with some of the stuff I have received.  It’s unnerving and unhelpful.  If you aren’t coherent, wait to comment until you are.

If you commented, sound half-way coherent and wanted to weigh in, I did not delete your post or make some judgment that I will not post it.  In other cases, comments have been showing up twice–once with a screen name and once with a real name.  I try to post only the screen name comment.

I am really hoping there isn’t any kind of interference with my computer like there has been in the past and that this is just a function of high traffic on the blog and the safety net I have for the “DO NOT POST”-ers.  If I sound paranoid, I can tell you it is warranted.  And quite a few others can as well.

If you don’t see your comment posted, you can email me and I will double-check.  Or feel free to post again.  Double-check to see how your name is showing.  Most people don’t have a problem using their real names, but if you do that isn’t a problem.  I can always go back and edit it out if it’s an issue.  I also have my hands full and I don’t get a salary like the guy answering the tip line.  Be patient and try the tip line until you get through. I have heard from many sources that it has been very hard to get through.  And you won’t necessarily get a call back very quickly.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Many, many people have asked for clarification, information and documents.  We are still recovering from all the media exposure which, as important as it is, takes a lot out of people who are close to the kids who were murdered.


Newport Beach police announced the arrest of the man who kidnapped, sexually assaulted and strangled 11-year-old Linda Ann O’Keefe in July 1973.  This was yet another solve made through family tree DNA.;

Linda’s case involved nuclear DNA (semen), which was obviously stored correctly during the intervening 45 years.  In the OCCK case the first three autopsies were conducted by a medical examiner who was completely ill-equipped to handle any autopsy, let alone a murder.  There is only mitochondrial DNA, from hairs which were MISLABELED, misfiled and probably stored poorly for decades.  Someone asked me the question even if mtDNA gets thousands of hits, can’t they still do that and then cross-reference with the top 20 suspects?  Good question.

One of the above articles describes how a picture of Linda hangs in the Newport Beach Police Department for all to see.  I bet the Newport Beach PD didn’t make jokes about the investigation into her murder or hack on her remaining family members.  The culture of a law enforcement agency DOES make a difference.

A reader had questions and suggestions about Sloan’s Bonneville.  There certainly would be ways to figure out the relative of the MSP trooper who bought that vehicle, as well as get a list of everyone employed by the MSP at that time to figure out whose relative bought that car.  Yet again we are faced with a double-standard.  The Sloan vehicle is important–but not that important.  Mitochondrial DNA is awesome when it is from the hairs found on Tim and Mark and allegedly also found in Sloan’s car, but no good when it is mtDNA found on Kristine’s body.

Another  reader asked about client/membership lists from N. Fox Island.  To my knowledge, Gerald Richards destroyed all those documents before police got to Frank Shelden’s office to take a look.  The very small MSP file I saw on the investigation into Shelden listed four or five men who had received communications from the sick fuck Shelden.  Of course their names were redacted.  I remember one was a bank exec, one was a principal and one was a parole officer.  They had no idea!! what Shelden was up to–they were just donating to the boy’s nature camp.  If these men are still alive, someone in LE should pay them a visit.  If I ever get ahold of unreacted copies, I will publish them on this blog.  Back in the day there would have been a way to look at who was involved and figure out if anyone from law enforcement was participating or covering up.  But the FBI clearly preempted the MSP and, as most of you will recall, their records on Fox Island were lost in a “catastrophic flood.”  As one of the victims of those animals at N. Fox Island said, you have to have a lot of money to play that game–exclusive rights to go up to the island while young boys were “at camp.”  You know there were some bigwigs on that list and they lived double lives.  Animals.

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