Primetime Special “Child Killer”

Last night WDIV/Local 4 Detroit aired a primetime special called “Child Killer,” examining the history of the Oakland County child killer case.  You can access the special here:

The five-part docuseries is also available.  Access this link and then scroll down and click on the individual chapters.

Thank you to Senior Producer Jeremy Allen and his staff, as well as to Investigative Reporter Kevin Dietz, for your obvious hard work.  You didn’t go down any rabbit holes and you presented important parts of this story.  The public needs to know.  Hopefully someone comes forward and the tips are scrupulously investigated.  I also thank all who participated by being interviewed.  I’m sure it wasn’t easy for anybody.  But there is something important about being honest about the past.  That in itself is a tribute to the child victims who never had a voice in what happened to them or how the story has been told.  The film from back in the day was extremely powerful.  Don’t look away.