Questions Revised 05-23-2011

Our friend (retired law enforcement) did a great job evaluating and summarizing the evidence in the FOIA documents against Busch and Green. He spent a lot of time and effort and even spoke with some of the investigators. He was not well-received, as I recall. What a surprise. Collaboration has never been evident in this case and ego is a funny thing.

Here are some questions he had after his review of the FOIA documents. How many were answered? We will never know.


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  1. bitamoney says:

    “Our friend” is the lawyer who wrote up the Probable Cause from yesterday? Who wrote these questions above and when? I have quite a few questions too. There are so many questions.

  2. Mark says:

    Been following this for awhile and recalling my fear as a kid when this was all happening. My conclusion from everything you and other have shared is that CB and GG are the perpetrators of these crimes and that law enforcement knew this at some point and failed to stop them in time. And at some point someone who knew/found out had CB killed. Government entities now fear lawsuits because they allowed CB to go free and commit another murder. They are just protecting their asses- don’t care about accountability or justice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bottom line: they will never admit CB is guilty because that would acknowledge their culpability in his release and justify a law$$$$uit against them.

  3. Walter says:

    Who was responsible for deciding the second person on the bicycle was not a related crime? Is there some good reason for saying the second abduction involving a bicycle was not related? Who removed that person from the Wikipedia page, and why?

    Why would both boys and girls be abducted? Does that indicate the abductors might have been taking victims for other people?

    • cathybroad says:

      Can’t answer the questions in your first paragraph. If the abductors were shopping for other predators, this would make sense of the girl/boy question. Or, because these abductions had to have been crimes of opportunity, they abduct who they can and then find a “taker” or a “use” for the child.

    • crimebuffy says:

      Walter, some take the position that JR and KM were bundled up in winter hats and clothing that the perp’s possibly did not differentiate between boy/girl at the time of the abductions.
      Although KM’s photo was her school picture, she had recently got a short haircut before 1/2/77

    • Stephenie Day says:

      I think it may be a group of people supplying these pedophiles. I also think some are random but not all, like a kidnap for hire type thing. Honestly I have more questions than answers and I do believe this group is still in operation they are just more discreet because of advancement in technology. So many missing people on Michigan never to be seen again.

  4. crimebuffy says:

    This summary is accurate. There are so many things in this case that
    just cannot be “COINCIDENTIAL” !! Here to name a few:
    CB & GG were pedophiles who liked to bind their victims
    GG’s M.O. was asphyxiation
    CB owned, drove and allowed GG to drive, a blue Vega wagon with a white
    hockey stripe and the Vega wagon is a near identical twin to the Gremlin
    CB was seen at ESS Lake on 3/19/77 with minor boys and was witnessed to be driving a Blazer/SUV
    (Too bad the Montmorency Sheriff Dept didn’t investigate that call from Susie at the A Frame Party Store)
    That regardless of Jessica Cooper and the past/present office of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office
    position that no DNA match with CB & GG, means they didn’t do it, is just not the case.
    At the end of the day, all the DNA is going to prove is that a particular pedophile had physical/sexual
    contact with the victim(s) and will not definitively prove which sick-o perv committed the fatal act of

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