A Probable Cause Case Against Christopher Brian Busch and His Accomplices.

A family friend read the documents provided by the Michigan State Police in response to my Dad’s FOIA request. He is retired from law enforcement. After reading the documents, he compiled this document in the format of a probable cause case against Busch, Green and Gunnels, in which he carefully outlined the evidence and cross-referenced it to the FOIA documents. We used it to compile questions for the task force. There is no date on the document–I could go back into my emails to figure it out, but it must have predated the magic Sloan vehicle hair-disinformation/reelection campaign press conference in 2012. After that, all bets were on someone affiliated with Sloan and his Bonneville. That is, until it comes time to admit they won’t do further DNA testing on the relevant hairs. But that bought them a few more years of spin.

The document does not evaluate, nor does it preclude, other scenarios such as a “group killing” (multiple pedophiles and child traffickers involved in each abduction/captivity/rape/murder), a cop being involved, a pornography ring. If you want to find a way to put all the players on the chessboard in addition to Busch, Green and Gunnels (Lamborgine, Sloan, John H., a cop, child pornographers and pedophiles as yet unnamed), it is easy enough to do. There just isn’t the kind of proof that is set forth here implicating Busch and Green in the FOIA documents. Remember that NONE of this was looked at back in the day. Green ratted out Busch for the murder of Mark Stebbins in January 1977. Both were polygraphed by Ralph Cabot at the MSP Post in Flint and CLEARED on the basis of the polygraph, one month before my brother was abducted and murdered. Done deal. All this shit came to light after November 2007.

I think you will find the document very illuminating. Maybe some of you, like the cops, think this is all a big coincidence. See what you think.


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  1. MS says:

    Hello Ms. Broad,
    20/20 on the Own Network season 8 Episode 9 , which was brand new this week, there was an episode using new DNA techniques to find the 1992 murder of Christy Mirack from Lancaster , PA. The person who did the testing was C. C. something and she is some sort of DNA detective, and what she does
    breaks the case wide open, by being able to actually have the DNA establish a visual picture of the killer!.
    I don’t know if you could contact her, but its worth a try, especially since there is some DNA leftover as I seem to have read there is, like the hairs on 2 kids.
    I wish I had her name, maybe you can view this episode and see for yourself. Her methodology does not seem to be mainstreamed, but she did get results. She may be onto a newer realm of information. I hope it helps you a bit.
    I wish you success always.

    • bitamoney says:

      Yes, CeCe is getting quite a bit of media attention. I think she would have some very creative ideas about how to get some information out of the collected evidence that still exists, if LE in MI would let her have some.

  2. M S says:

    Hello Ms. Broad,
    That detective’s name is CeCe
    Moore and she is a genetic geneologist, an I guess she was an actress previous to this career, and now she works with Parabon Nanolabs to find that killer in that OWN episode. He was hiding in plain site for over 25years.
    It is super important, if applicable.
    I hope this helps.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thanks, M S. With all of the DNA advancements, we are still faced with the fact that the MSP won’t move on this DNA evidence. The case was unfairly elevated to a DNA case–this is the only way they will “solve” the case or put some kind of closure on it. A DNA case where the evidence was not properly preserved or filed and the MSP, unlike agencies in other states who have successfully closed cold cases, will not consult with a third party for testing. I am sure some of the testing will extinguish some of the evidence, but what do they have to lose? They are never going to charge anyone. They reframed this as a DNA case yet they won’t test the evidence. As one reader pointed out, when they say “there is no DNA match” to their list of 14 or so “suspects,” just what the fuck does that mean? No one matches what DNA?! Plate spinners.

      • M S says:

        Ms. Broad,
        I still keep wondering why DNA from family from all these deceased suspects as well as from jailed living ones cannot be obtained either covertly or voluntary means, or by a supeana.
        I wonder if they ever have been requested to submit this or even approached again recently.
        I know family of CB was afraid, but those 2 nephews he abused, and I know 1 died recently, maybe they would be ready to submit a specimen, or their offspring, and
        maybe Gunnels sister.
        I know that takes effective diligent police work. I feel fresh eyes that care and are competent, and science methodologies will prevail
        This takes the desire to find the truth, a small word with great ramifications, that has been twisted for way too long.
        Long shots need investigations to be ruled out.
        If police deparents read this, they should want to rule these suspects out , one would hopefully think?

  3. laura crosbie says:

    where is source 5 now ?
    With all that circumstantial evidence it’s shocking the keystone cops couldn’t make a case. They owe it to the victims and to their families to get some real answers, even if that means offering someone protection from prosecution to tell the truth.

    • cathybroad says:

      James Vincent Gunnels is Source #5. He has been in an out of prison his entire life. He was a minor when he had the great misfortune to cross paths with Chris Busch and Greg Green. He has been utterly unwilling to be honest or help law enforcement in this case.

      • bitamoney says:

        Makes a person remember there WAS a purpose to medieval torture.

      • Barb says:

        People have been arrested, tried, and convicted on less evidence than law enforcement has on Vince Gunnels regarding the OCCK case. No excuse for this Oakland County and law enforcement!

  4. bitamoney says:

    Your lawyer friend did a wonderful thing. I just read it. It says in all four cases that no sperm was found. That just can’t be right. I know Sillery (pathologist) came under a lot of scrutiny and criticism. But he didn’t do all the autopsies. It simply makes zero sense that there would be no sperm etc. because if there was no sexual assault why in the world would these kids be abducted?

    • bitamoney says:

      After reading about these murders all these years your lawyer friend has constructed something that really clarifies the whole case in consecutive order. I have SO MANY questions about the facts he’s put together. Just for starters, where is the 8mm footage Busch had in Alma showing kids having sex? Can’t they be viewed to identify the kids?

  5. crimebuffy says:

    One question I had was about Jill Robinson.,Her sister gave an interview to the Leelanau Enterprise paper where she said that a witness put Jill at a doughnut shop on or near Woodward in the early morning house of Dec 23rd, 1976? Does anybody know any more facts on that?

    The CER in me noticed on page 5 point 1.7 states, Sgt. Gray and Sgr. Gray….
    also, it’s not accurate on page 8 point 6.2 that Kristine Mihelich had an argument with her mother, that was JR.

  6. crimebuffy says:

    Cathy you are so BRAVE and HEROIC to crime victims everywhere! (Tim is bragging up in Heaven, “That’s my Sister!”)

    Det/Sgt William’s deserves KUDOS because his agenda is to SOLVE this case with integrity & non pilitcs

    • cathybroad says:

      Thanks, crimebuffy. There really was no other choice once we learned this information. These agencies always have to get you back. My computer and cell phone were hacked. I have been audited every year since I started this blog–never before. A good law enforcement trick it to put the taxman on somebody. I am talking some crazy shit that my accountant couldn’t believe. If I get audited again, I am going to file a FOIA request to try to figure out who sent them my way. So this is not without repercussions, aside from the emotional. It is also easier because I don’t live in Oakland County. Many agencies are better at retaliation than doing the job they are being paid to do. Like when Cooper hauled my Dad to court in Oakland County and accused him of leaking the fact that she had some lame grand jury looking at cold cases. He was not the source of the leak and she knew it. Shameful abuse of power.

  7. Beth Tigay says:

    Wow…just mindblowing. So hard to keep drudging this up (Tim was a classmate of mine and the trauma never goes away), and yet this MUST come out! Sending you continued strength for the energy you put into this each and every day.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you, Beth and I am so sorry. I remember my Mom asking how all Tim’s classmates were supposed to deal with his empty desk in that sixth grade room. And the Birmingham School District, in its wisdom, issued an edict to teachers and counselors (at least at the junior high and high school levels) that they were not supposed to talk about the case. My brothers and I watched as kids who had lost a parent were consoled by teachers and counselors and we were shunned. It was incredibly isolating, painful and confusing. I hope they did a better job at Adams Elementary.

      • Beth Tigay says:

        Dear Cathy,

        I will say that I can never forget how horribly Adams School handled it. It was gut-wrenching for all of us in his 6th grade class to have that empty desk. To my best recollection, our teacher did not engage in any sort of conversation with us about it. All those days of not knowing, and then knowing and feeling so shocked and scared and heartbroken. I do remember that our art teacher, Mrs. Bell, did talk about it with us and allowed us to express our emotions and fear and confusion. She was the ONLY ONE. I am so sorry to know that you did not receive the support you so deserved.

        I will never ever forget Tim and continue to be haunted by this heinous time in our lives and disgusted as I learn more and more as an adult the injustice around the investigation. I have been reading and following everything since the internet became accessible. It always opens the wounds, but I just always hope there will be answers and justice. And my heart goes out to you and your family every time I get your blog or read a book or listen to a podcast….

        Blessings and peace to you,

        • Judi Coltman says:

          Beth, your pain, agony and fear which I will bet has followed you through adulthood breaks my heart again. Our school system
          failed us at every level but as direct classmates you deserved way more than a “Carry On” attitude. You were still children suddenly thrust into a real life horror story. Your class, of all children, deserved and required specific professional attention. You were victims, too.

          • Beth Tigay says:

            I cannot believe the way the adults handled it. unimaginable. I still remember all of us trying to comfort one another… we were 11 and 12. Just unbelievable.

  8. Judi Coltman says:

    In all of the pages I have looked at, all of the conversations, emails, forums, this is the most concise summation of the Busch & Greene clusterfuck I have seen. It is also, perhaps, the most distressing. If the test is, as stated, “information sufficient to warrant a prudent [shrewd] person’s belief that the wanted individual had committed a crime. . .or evidence of a crime or contraband would be found in a search. . .even hearsay can supply probably cause if it is from a reliable source or supported by other evidence,” then the MSP and Oakland County, the late L. Brooks Patterson and Jessica Cooper truly have been throwing up smoke and mirrors in the name of Cover Your Ass. I have felt this all along but this infuriates me to a depth I cannot articulate. Finally, in the case of Gunnels (Source #5), who the hell is P? What does P know?

    • cathybroad says:

      Paul is his younger brother. It would appear he knows something. No one in LE spoke to him until 2019. He was of no help as far as I know. Runs in the family.

      • Judi Coltman says:

        2019. As in this year and no one spoke to him?!? Seems like P stands for Pussy but I hate to discredit cats.

      • Matt says:

        By reading the quote (if reading correctly), it sounds like Gunnels’ brother (“P”/Paul) was WITH him/them when some of all these kidnappings took place, or at least in the presence of abuse after the kidnappings. Get him talk somehow.

        Wonder what how much his sister “K” knows?

  9. Walter says:

    Very compelling, but it still looks like all of this is just one more example of the groups of people working for the federal government to make sure the oil industry developed in a certain direction.

    Each of the cells were led by ‘pedigreed’ people who also had personal failings that made them loyal to the group. Shelden has a superb family history and was exactly the kind of person who would have been involved in that. Remember Philip Agee, also hired on the basis of pedigree, and his references to Exxon.

    Around 1972 Boggs and Begich were killed in an ‘accident’ which shifted control of Congress to the crew who developed the massive oil infrastructure that is still expanding today.

    These groups were utterly immune from any legal prosecution for any crime. When something would be exposed through carelessness or viciousness, like these murders, there was a very controlled unravelling of evidence that satisfied everybody but protected the people at the core.

    People have a hard time today believing that things like this were done by people supposedly involved in the most sensitive government projects, but eventually the facts will come out.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So frustrating and debilitating. Who out there has connections to Rowan Farrow?… The Epstein case is but a footnote in the bigger picture.

    • cathybroad says:

      No kidding. Ronan Farrow really broke through a lot. Law enforcement won’t do anything here. An investigative reporter could blow a lot open here. Nobody will get prosecuted, but exposure of all names of those who were connected, participated or covered up for those that did, as well as the tangential connections to higher society pedophiles and consumers of child porn will help slow down this shit and reveal these pigs for what they really are.

  11. Elle says:

    I just watched the documentary on Hulu. As a person who grew up in this area I cannot believe that they had this man in custody. I hope that the answers come soon.

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