9 thoughts on “You Know They Know: The Oakland County Child Killer”

  1. I listened to these, i thought they were excellent and i learned some things i didnt know. I just wonder if John Hastings drew that picture of Mark Stebbins hanging on Busch’s wall. From what i read he was an artist. I dont know if any of the other suspects were.

      1. Hastings. There is /was a plant nursery here in Atlanta known as “Hastings”. I read that these Hasting people come from Michigan and that John Hastings is part of this family and that years ago he came down here to work at the nursery. About 25 years ago one of the Hastings family members killed another family members. What’s the connection?

            1. I don’t believe there is any connection. If this is the case you are referring to, the owner who was charged with murdering his wife in the 90s bought the Hastings nursery in 1976. Charges were apparently dismissed but, this isn’t even the same family. John H. landed in Georgia because, according to one of his interviews, he ran out of money on his way to Florida (who knows if that is the truth, though.) At last check he was driving a limo. https://tdn.com/news/state-and-regional/georgia-judge-dismisses-murder-charges-in-former-rose-princess-death/article_f98333ba-c94f-53f8-9734-7bfd2dbb3dcf.html

              1. Just saw your reply today, Christmas Eve. Thanks. I believe Dagner had linked the two Hastings. Murder in common. But different family, thanks for your info.

  2. I’ve listened to all the episodes and let me first say that your presentation and ability to discuss this material is admirable and impressive. Some of it would make a cast iron stomach weak and it’s not even new information to me. Well done. Oakland County, this is not going away. Prominent names and families, your stature means nothing to the intrepid people who have the balls to keep pushing and they will.

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