More from the email vault.

Here is a redacted email exchange dated February 27, 2011. Here we are almost eight years later.


EIGHT YEARS. But what’s eight when the case is over four decades old, right?

Taking the week away from this blog and case. In honor of Thanksgiving, consider a random act of kindness this week in honor of Mark, Jill, Kristine, Tim and the many other kids who were trafficked and victimized in Oakland and Wayne Counties, indeed–all over the world, then and to the present day. Not much has changed.

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  1. Thinking of you and your family this thanksgiving. I have a strange idea but I’m sure someone has thought of it before.

    Can artwork be analyzed like personal signatures. Could it be possible to compare the infamous sketch to other people’s art.

    I have this theory, and I’m sorry I’m sure you are beyond sick of other people’s theories, but if the “suicide” of CB was staged (As it more than appears to be) by police. Could a police sketch artist be involved. Could the drawing on The bedroom wall be compared to sketches done for the police in that area during the 70s and 80s?

    Was wondering if any one else has had similar ideas?

  2. One brief comment. The second email asks how Shelden etc got just a brief mention in the local paper.

    The answer is that authority and money and power provide access to competent ‘fixers’ who can take care of that kind of thing.

    Anybody who follows the Epstein case knows about where it stands, who is trying to cover themselves etc.

    Now this very interesting article comes out in the NYT that very subtly ‘clears’ some of the accused.

    Now, suddenly, there are phone recordings of various of the accused adamantly denying guilt to somebody they believe has Epstein’s videos.

    You get the justice you can afford.

    One more comment about that article. The article goes out of its way to deal with the mysterious secret ‘well known prime minister’ by implying the accusation was against Israel’s Barak.

    The first batch of released files, a very large download, maybe 100mb mentions the victims lawyer not letting her mention the name of the prime minister, even in a sealed hearing.

    Further research seems to point to Blair, not Barak. There seems to be a heavy effort among the British political players to sacrifice the prince and keep the old prime minister squeekyish clean, and that has to do with Blair’s loyalty to various political issues in the past.

    The implication is that in the Epstein case the victims’ lawyers are taking direction from the other side, and in fact there is much more evidence of that.

    • Very interesting. The FBI will never move on living pedophiles like Dyer Grossman or “Adam Starchild” or in anything to do with the OCCK case. They “participate” merely to keep an eye the the lid kept on this case.

      • It isn’t really ‘the FBI’ though.

        A lot of people consider the FBI to be a group of highly competent investigators, but really at the lower level that organization is made up of mediocre investigators, and the higher echelons are all political flunkies, stooges trying to satisfy some political authority.

        So it really isn’t reasonable to expect the FBI to investigate anything.

        Homeland Security is even worse, basically the FBI but with the mediocrity refined.

        If a person wants to solve ‘local’ issues like the OCCK that overlap broader political issues they first have to target the political interests that the FBI and similar stooge groups are protecting.

        What were Shelden and company being used for? Best guess was mentioned.

        • I just read an article that they are re opening the Atlanta child murders case and for some reason they enlisted the help in Atlanta of some of the people that supposedly helped with oakland county case. Also that the Oakland county child murders stopped when Atlanta’s began. I can’t see how these cases were related at all. I just wanted to mention this was talked about. I was a young boy at the time of the Oakland county child murders living in the university district 7 and woodward area. We spent a lot of time on woodward from ferndale to Bloomfield at different bussinesses and stores. My parents who unfortunately passed away never mentioned this to me about these crimes. I hope a politician like Atlanta’s mayor will have it in them to re open the case

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