Some of the reporting on N. Fox Island, Frank Shelden, Gerald Richards and crew from back in the day.

This is a link to some of the news articles about the N. Fox Island pedophile/child pornography enterprise from the past. The quality of the copies is poor and there are words and columns that are cut off. Some are missing dates. Some of the articles were in the MSP file on Shelden, and one had some inexplicable redaction in it. Some of them are from The Detroit News. Check out some of the brave reporting Marilyn Wright did on these crimes.


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  1. I have been gone for a few weeks and just now trying to catch up. I think there is no strong will of LE to figure any of this out because it is still going on. I think the rich and powerful are caught up in it and kill any chance of it seeing the light of day. Epstein is the obvious example. Keep up the fight Cathy. At some point common decency and respect for all life will win. The victims are screaming for justice. It makes me sick.

  2. How was it that Shelden was able to escape extradition? Again, figurines found on the face of ‘the screaming boy’ are found on the Ramsey ransom note, DB/BD Cooper FBI FOIA NORJACK files, as wells as some California Zodiac killer documents. BTW, the Ramsey ransom note has many many detailed drawings on it. The supposedly crossed out word ‘do’ on the first page was recently discovered to be that of a pair of “jack”o lanterns, or ‘spooks’ side by side. The misspelled words on the “Allen letter to Dr Danto offer up some interesting and pertinent hints by using an anagram solving program, like For instance, the first misspelled word decodes to hint at a chameleon. Several of the misspelled words decode to Italian base hints…and redundantly so, which fortifies the my ideas. I’m also reviewing all of the OCCK case items and especially video reports that I’ve only very recently discovered online. I listen very carefully to every word that Mr King has to say about the OCCK matter. My heart goes out to all of those adversely effected by these horrible crimes. Shelden apparently had a lot of money, which probably was one of the primary motives of the pedo porn network of criminals.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. It is indefensible for the MSP and the FBI to not get the help so many other agencies have from Parabon Nanolabs, United Data Connect, and genetic geneology data bases like and GEDmatch, and other experts used in hundreds of other jurisdictions. In this case, the article quotes a district attorney (wow, a DA who gets involved; crazy thought, right?!) who explains that the evidence was “maintained and cared for over the past 40 years.” In this case, the evidence was misfiled and stored god knows how. I have been told by insiders that the files and evidence in this case were used by the state police in their Post training. Why would they do that? Because they knew the case would never be “solved.” Someone from inside the MSP has to come forward with observations about how this case has been mishandled. Cowards. In the case you link to, Nancy, there were dedicated detectives who were assisted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. In the OCCK, any dedicated detective experiences only roadblocks from other law enforcement, prosecutors and the FBI.

  3. Blatant misconduct by the Boulder Police was what derailed the Ramsey case, coupled with a main stream tabloid type of media misrepresenting basic case facts, which resulted in the Ramsey family getting a trial by press. Journalist Paula Woodward’s book ‘We Have Your Daughter’ makes this clear. The FBI and CBI was pushed away by police chief John Eller. See what Boulder DA Alex Hunter had to say about John Eller’s removal as being “essential.” Black Dahlia, Zodiac, DB Cooper and Ramsey cases were huge cash cows for the tabloid media. My view is that OCCK wasn’t at all as highly publicized as the other cases because it was too close to home for the killer’s camp.

  4. As I have pointed out in the past, very specific and redundant figurines found on the face of the ‘screaming boy’ drawing are also found on the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note, as well as earlier crime documents. Now I draw your attention to the cryptic sign off on the last page of the Ramsey note, starting with the letter p in the word “up.” Note that no two letter p’s on that entire 3 page document were made alike.The simple decoding of the “Victory! S.B.t.C” results in the intersection of Burke St and Garrett Rd in rural Michigan location. The primary hints that led to this solve also contains another interesting hint; that same hint being the exact way the stem of the letter p was constructed. This same stem being a drawing of the shape of Lake Michigan has a peculiar divot on what would be the south-eastern shore line. Note that this same divot was very articulately drawn to have this feature. It is a hint to show where the persons that carried out these same dastardly crimes reside? It is something that I’ve suspected for quite some time now. BTW, the Allen letter to Dr Danto demonstrates advanced and inside crime scene knowledge by it’s author.

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