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  1. monica says:

    No doubt this is a match. Wish he would just speak up and tell his story, I know the world hasnt been kind to him, but he might feel a bit of human redemption to help others with their closure on this horrible case.

    • andyberthiaume says:

      Gunnels has spoken up. I talked to Gunnels on the phone for over a year. He called me from prison and he told me his story. These hours of phone calls will be part of a podcast series I have created, it will be finalized by March. You will be able to hear Gunnels in his own words. You will also hear from the guy, Kenneth Bowman, who contradicts Gunnels story.

      • OCCK SURVIVOR says:

        In his own words, does that mean he admitted to doing the kidnapping for the OCCK clan? If you talk to him again can you ask him if he remembers two girls who got away from him in Lake Orion Michigan, the picture of him helped me to identify him, I was 11 and you know these old men you look at now is difficult to pick from, however Gunnels has all the features I remember in the sketch and the picture of him and his age fits perfectly, they spent a lot of time in Flint they must of came through thinking they could kidnap again before going to the basement of torture. You said Bowman contradicts his story, how could he, who is he?

      • Daryl Turcott says:

        As of 12/16 gunnels is listed as a probation absconder. He will be back where he belongs soon.

      • Mara Kaufman says:

        Fuck your podcast, if he has spoken and you have it on tape why haven’t you spoken to any of the families? People are trying to solve this shit b4 they die and your talking about your important podcast…

  2. Kevin Rundel says:

    Jesus that looks just like him

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  3. Judi C says:

    My heart just stopped.

  4. cathybroad says:

    Let me say this unequivocally. Family members of murder victims and living victims of pedophiles or of attempted abductions should not have to be investigators. Nor should they have to be squeaky wheels. What is wrong with this picture?! The answer could fill thousands of pages. This ass-covering is re-victimization.

    • weedbegone3468 says:

      Cathy, you’ve echoed my thoughts exactly. I came here with a screenshot of Gunnels from Children of the Snow too. This is some jaw dropping shit.

  5. Livonia Guy says:

    I think it looks like him but there are two differences I see. The hair is parted different and the sketch looks like an older guy. I think the face of the person in the sketch matches the face of the one in the wanted postedat this link:

  6. Lance says:

    Looks just like Bobby Beausoleil when he was arrested.

  7. jkaneh says:

    Spittin image.



  8. bitamoney says:

    Where did the photograph come from?

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