Monsters: Rich Philanthropist Francis D. Shelden and Catholic Priest John R. Thwaytes.

WARNING; this is very triggering, disturbing information. Nightmare material. I am posting this in the off-chance that someone out there can help. I am also posting it because it shows what happens when prosecutors can’t get their shit together to arrest a wealthy pedophile before he flees justice. Washtenaw County’s buck passing and St. Claire County’s little “work load” excuse back in 1976 allowed incredible damage to be done to thousands of boys and their families down the line. Nice work.


Read this email I received from a reader who knows what Frank Shelden did after he left Michigan and the United States. His new Fox Island was a boys orphanage in India.

Dear Cathy

I realise you may find this obscure – please take time to look at it.

I have identified a Catholic priest in India as a lifelong friend of Frank Shelden, who hosted him as a paedophile visiting the orphanage that the priest ran in India, which is how I come into the picture.

The priest died in 2015 and then I found out he was a paedophile years earlier. A major paedophile. And a murderer.

I suspect this priest of having robust involvement on North Fox Island, and I think his DNA should be checked.

As a possible suspect in the Oakland County Child killings. I do note that a strong rumour of a “priest leaked out of the country at the time” was remarked by lower ranked law officers according to one or more bloggers.

I have looked at the photofit likenesses of the OCCK suspect, I have three different drawings,
and I have a lot of varied images of the priest, which of course is meaningless, but there is a striking resemblance all the same. I have made up a compilation image of all the pics together

I have evidence that the priest had more than one passport, that is he had fake identity, and could easily have been in the USA, while ostensibly still in India.I have a copy of the fake Indian passport dated long after OCCK but if he had a fake then, why would we think he might not have had one earlier?

The priest was ordained at Mary glade seminary, and lived in the vicinity of the OCCK murders throughout 1962 – 1966 but he retained close ties to Detroit, even though he was English.

Significant funds came into the orphanage, from Detroit, and I think Frank Sheldon was sending quite a bit of that money, but again this is hardly relevant, except that to show the ongoing connection to Detroit.
The priest returned on fundraising, ostensibly, because don’t forget he was a missionary who came from the local Detroit Seminary and they were funding him also as I understand.

I have photographic evidence of Frank Shelden holding orphan children, in this orphanage in India, years before I came along of course. All of this info of Shelden has been exposed to me within the last 9 months and the criminal matters in India only after the priest died in 2015.

I have identified another international paedophile in close liaison and friendship with Frank, and that is Dr Frits Bernard, and I have photographs of him also at the orphanage in India. Over these men were coming there to have sex with orphan boys, who were too poor and illiterate and isolated, and were trafficked by the priest

I would like to attach a photograph but I suspect my previous communications have been perhaps auto-discarded, so I won’t send an attachment until I get confirmation that you are willing to receive an attachment.

The priest is accused of killing a woman, or at the least concealing her body illegally, under a building in the orphanage, and I have a map to this illegal grave but he also buried a Child secretively in the midnight hours, and I believe that was one of his victims who died from abuse.

I also have a map to where that grave is, but getting any action in India is very difficult.

An eyewitness has described how this priest nearly murdered a man in front of his eyes. The diary of the priest which I am now holding makes reference to snuff sex.

The priest is alleged to have been interested in black magic.

There is a great deal about this man that makes me think he is a very ideal suspect in the murder of one or more of the Oakland victims. There might have been more than one killer.

It is very hard to get attention, but I think I have some very troubling information that needs to at least be eliminated.
If the priest was not involved, or if there is not enough evidence, if his DNA is not match, well then fine.

But surely every lead should be followed. I believe that the American police should contact Indian Federal police and request a crime scene be declared, to exhume or find other sources of DNA of the priest
And of course to locate those Indian victims.

I have tried to convey this info to US police but unsuccessfully

let me know if I can send a compilation image with all the pics I have of the priest.

His name was John Robert Thwaytes and he was a damaged sexual psychopath and even I forgot to mention had issues with females and maybe the OCCK killer also had this as I note the girls were not sexually touched allegedly.

I am Adrian Millane of Nambour, Queensland, Australia 4560 +61431593446 and Skype Facebook Ade O’Maolain

I received permission from Adrian to post his email, including contact information and the attachments.

Here is the compilation image with the photos/pictures of Thwatyes:


Here is a passport photo of the man from 1981.


The diary page Adrian sent is from this priest’s diary and it goes on about how much he thought about snuff sex and his fantasy that he himself be tortured to death. It is horrifying and I will spare you the read. But snuff sex is certainly something Frank Shelden capitalized on and probably enjoyed himself.


Read lines 17-37 if you have the stomach for it, and ask yourself how a monster like Frank Shelden was allowed to flee justice and hook up with another monster like Thwatyes, to rape and abuse probably thousands more boys overseas. No doubt some were murdered as well for their snuff fantasies:


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