OCCK Blonde Suspect Composite

Thanks to a reader for sending me this composite drawing, described on the HelenDagner.com Archives as the “OCCK Blonde Suspect Composite.” Vince Gunnels?? I wish I had the photo of a young Vince Gunnels as seen in Children of the Snow.

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      1. And perhaps the report of the woman that was supposedly trying to contact a certain person to respond. Add to that, the spooky and ominous way her OCCK video’s are!

          1. Yes, I am. As I recall, she’s also a very “territorial” self proclaimed expert on all things OCCK. I need to review the FOIA document, in order to properly cite the incident that I have in mind, I’ve only every read about it recently..

            1. She cyber stalked me. I have no regard for her. As per this drawing, I’ve seen it a few times over the years but the prints/sketches I’ve seen showed brown to black hair.

              1. Helen Dagner has since died. She was mean, deceptive, and manipulative. While I totally give her credit for going online about this case long, long before the love affair with “true crime” and Topix, Facebook and podcasts, I could never expect common decency from her (and I was not disappointed). But at least with her, what you “saw” was what you got. She accumulated a wealth of information and the state police HATED her (which, I’m sorry, I loved). She never backed down. The cops fucked her over and she responded in kind. She, like most people “in” this case, too easily dismissed information that did not line up with her suspect or theory of the case. She took whatever information I would give her and when the tap turned down and then off, she unleashed an amazing amount of shit on me. Incredibly cruel. Others who did the same just restrained their venom after they got what they wanted. She was just a more virulent example.

      2. I do not recall this being circulated at all. I do, however, remember Helen having it but because it didn’t resemble John she dismissed it.

        1. Helen Dagner’s explanation of John Hasting’s motive never made any sense. She said he claimed that the OCCK’s were the result of his desire to punish rich people in Oakland County, because he resented the attitudes of residents in ultra-wealthy Bloomfield Township, where he lived . . .

          But NONE of the OCCK victims lived in Bloomfield Township!!!

          Indeed, the first three victims in the OCCK case all lived in homes several miles away and much lower on the socio-economic ladder:
          1. Mark Stebbins and his mother south of 9 Mile Road in Ferndale (modest house, Dad not in the picture)
          2. Jill Robinson in near 12 Mile in Royal Oak (modest house, divorced Dad living elsewhere)
          3. Kristine Mihalich south of 12 Mile in Berkley (modest house, Dad not in picture)

          Further, Dagner claimed that John’s confessed reason for discontinuing his killing spree after Timothy King was that he had made his point and was tired . . .

          This nonsensical “explanation” explains nothing, yet Dagner apparently not only believed it, she refused to consider any other role for John in this case.

          It seems far, far more likely that John Hastings was a peripheral figure in the case, a “hanger-on” who may have interacted with some of the suspects at some point, particularly (given his location in Bloomfield Township) Chris Busch.

          Yet Helen Dagner made John Hastings the central (sole) figure in the OCCK case. On this point, she is fundamentally wrong.

          Was he a shadowy moth, possibly flitting around the fiery central figures?

          Was he the only (or by far the most central) person in the OCCK cases?
          Not a chance.

          1. just because the reason for doing these crimes might be a little off base, doesnt mean Hastings is innocent. you cant discredit the fact the Hastings did admit to the crimes. It wasnt just told by Helen either. YOU CANT FORGET ABOUT THE ALPENA WITNESS. You cant discredit two of Johns ex girl friends thought he did the crimes. You cant discredit the fact that John boy looks very much like the composites of the suspect. How many of these coincedences have to happen before the math adds up?

  1. It does look exactly like the guy that tried to get me in Lake Orion but his hair was shorter than the picture shows that is the only difference I see, he has all the features that I remember, oohhh that is so spooky seeing that face again. Thanks for posting it I know the face I see in my mind is exactly as I remember it.

  2. Oh I am totally freaking out I always wondered if it was possible someone tried to kidnap us that was not connected to the OCCK and wow I know now I really escaped a serial kidnapper/ killer I hardly can breathe right now seeing that face again oh how lucky and blessed I was to escape him, thanks for putting my mind to rest I can stop dreaming about this incident now as I know after all these years it is still the same face I remember, thanks Cathy for putting my mind, soul, and body to rest, now what do I do about it???????
    I will do anything testify, polygraph what do you think will help you and your family and the other families of the children that were slayed by these monsters?
    Please tell me what you want me to do, I will do anything for you and Kristen, Mark, Jill, and Timothy anything to help get this case solved.

    1. The most important thing you can do tonight is realize how you two 11-year-olds beat this piece of shit. How you are stronger than the cops who didn’t protect you. And that the remnants of this pedopbile/child porn ring are old, fucked up, wastes of humanity. The rest are dead.

        1. Thanks for your kind words as I type through my tears right now, I can’t stop crying right now, I am so shook up but you changed my life just now, and I feel I can be more confident to keep going on, I know I did not survive this for just myself it was to help later, I am here for you and all the families, and most importantly Kristen, Jill, Mark, and Timothy.

            1. Yes Sir forsure, sorry you lived such a traumatic event in your childhood too, glad you made it, and yes I thank God everyday for surviving.

    2. Sorry that should say OCCK Survivor I was shaking so much I missed it that looks horrible

      1. Here’s what makes me the most angry about this case. All the damage done to countless kids and people near the center of the case. That a few rich fucks pulled the strings here. You have to spend another sleepless night. These predators sleep just fine. And so do the people who took money to look the other way or make this go away. They all need to be exposed, living or dead. Let THEIR families spend a few nights in panic-filled anxiety. Fuck all of them.

        1. I agree with you, and we will make them accountable for their actions, we just need to figure out how to expose Gunnels as the kidnapper and I am sure he will have to talk after he sees me I am sure he has not forgotten me either, he knew we saw him and could identify him, I agree all of them need a sleepless night, I am living through the ordeal all over again in nightmares, especially because it is a cold case, I keep looking for something I missed, I missed nothing I know who I saw now forsure, no doubt, perfectly exactly how I explained him before you showed this picture.
          We need to start with getting fricking police file, we did make a report of our attempted kidnapping, my school Principal Umpstead at Pinetree Elementary who brought the police to talk to us kids after our attempted kidnapping, my ordeal can be proven, so it starts with the original police file on him, I only pray and hope it still exists.
          I have not involved the other girl in any of this, but if it will help I will try to locate her, she did not see him as much as she was walking closest to the car so when he grabbed her she turned to pull away and was looking in my direction, I am the one who stared into his face for a long time, but it still might help to get her involved.
          I will take your advice and probably will sleep better for the first time after this closure.

          Thanks I pray that you will sleep well tonight and we will talk again what is the next step.

        2. I agree we will get them one way or the other, This is just the beginning dead or alive we are coming for all of them and will reveal to their families what pieces of crap their family members were and I am sure all the OCCK freaks have living family members right now, this sickness will not go away not as long as I am alive.

          Have a blessed sleep we will start planning what to do.

        3. Unfortunately seeing the face made me dream about it again, when I woke up I remembered my blue bird leader is the one who called the police if she is still alive she can testify too, my principal was notified by the police, and the other girls that were in the blue bird troop were there when the police came to take our statements, so there are witnesses that this attempted abduction really happened, I am going to call the MSP again today and try to get them to listen to me, I even thought about trying to get police from other states involved to embarrass the MSP for their misconduct of handling this case, or a retired police officer that would love to help solve a cold case, please if you could give me your email I don’t think I want to post what we are up to and what we get accomplished you never know who is on this blog.

          1. Having little faith in law enforcement I suggest you try to get the media interested. I think if you are dogged enough you’ll find someone who wants to do a story on your case.

            1. Well… I hear what you are saying I really don’t want to draw attention to myself about this case I just want the case solved, however if it could circulate more about this case I would willingly do a interview or whatever, it is a good idea, I will have to think about it, and remember eyes are watching I could put myself into a dangerous position as well, no one would want their Grandpa or Uncle or Brother revealed, example Christopher Bushes family would rather see me dead then testify against their sons little sex slave kidnapper and reveal the real deal that the Bush family can’t cover.

  3. I have to wonder if Busch’s father didn’t somehow have connections with John Dingell. It would explain MSP purposely throwing the case.

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