FOIA Documents

Happy 2020. Let’s look back at 2007, courtesy of FOIA documents received in this case. Don’t worry, it won’t jeopardize any convictions. There won’t be any. No justice, no salvation. Hell, no explanations or observations.

You may have seen portions of these documents in previous posts. Reading these pages all together, even with the redactions, gives a much better idea of why someone like me might be so agitated.

This report was prepared by then Livonia PD Det./Sgt. Cory Williams. Livonia, as in Wayne County. There are references to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office as well. Lots of heavy lifting–more than was ever done before by the Michigan State Police. Wait, I can hear you saying “isn’t it the OAKLAND COUNTY child killer?” What were the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office doing about this? Same as now–dick.