Crime Scene Footage from Children of the Snow

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Hi Cathy;

I’ve experienced a rather perplexing thing while watching Children of the Snow. I thought I saw a body in the one scene but when I watch it again a week later, it disappeared. It looked like someone blurred that area out My mind started playing tricks on me. I thought for a while that the documentary was being changed on newer versions. Well I finally traced it down and had someone screen capture the video at different places and sure enough it look like what I thought I saw. Or is it? Here’s two snap shots from each episode and leave it to your readers to decide.

(2 images attached)

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  1. I could be mistaken but I don’t think the pictures are at the same area. The taller brick wall is in one but not the other.

    1. I think the taller white brick wall is blocked by LE in one of the shots. Frankly, this made my stomach drop.

  2. Cathy,

    Yes I will never forget the unedited footage showing what appeared to be Mark Stebbins’ body. I believe it was altered not to conceal anything, but for the intent of protecting the dignity of Mark and his family. I would guess the footage had been through many filters over the years, including that of local news outlets trying to make it suitable for prime time. The documentary may have had a few versions / sources to use. Of course it would be up for debate whether the impact of the raw footage is more important in this context.

    I never not think about that imagery when I’m near that intersection.


    1. I also believe these are two different cameras at two different angles explaining the perceived difference in wall height. Of course, I’m no expert.

    2. I do the same. Every time I drive in the areas the children were last seen I always say a prayer for that child 😥 and their families. 😥

      Great observation Catherine!

  3. Sadly, this isn’t surprising. So, what’s up with that? Which crime scene is depicted in this same image?

    BTW, I came across a very very interesting magazine 1981 article that might interest you.

      1. Hi Cathy, what it is, is a 1981 article, found starting here at: It’s probably the best and shortest summary regarding the Zodiac killer case and primary document evidence. Whomever this George Oakes actually is, or was,(he wrote this mentioned article under a pseudonym), he really put the primary pieces together. Of course, law enforcement wrongfully discounted his work. The article states that he named a suspect, but I would tend to think that he was probably fed a false lead in that regard. However, George’s primary accomplishment was to decode most of the so-called Zodiac killer’s wonky clues. The main reason that I see that most of his work is good, is because he very carefully explains his discoveries, and then he makes sense of several items that seemed like flippant nonsense. He proves that whomever the Zodiac killer/author was, that he was a fan of the old English author Lewis Carroll. I hadn’t known that Lewis Carroll was actually a mathematics and code expert and that his wild and strange stories were based on coded mathematics. BTW, I hate to tell you this, and it’s based somewhat on George Oakes’ work, that it dawned on me that your brother was probably targeted mainly for the use of his actual name! I fully realize that that sounds absurd and ridiculous, but please bear with me on this very concept. You see, I’m still playing catch up ball on the various encryption methodologies that this suspect used. Most of my discoveries that I’ve made on the Ramsey ransom note, are easy and practically the “Dick, Jane and Sally” of lightly encrypted messages. The Zodiac killer documents are much more technical and require the knowledge base and expertise of a person like George Oakes. The main hint that sucked me into the Ramsey ransom note vortex is the fact that, if you’ll pardon the expression, you can’t swing a dead cat on that document and not hit one of far too many JT inclusions. Let me know if that link works for you. There are a total of 5 jpg’s to that article, listed with odd number suffix’s. I just found this same article very recently. So far…I’ve only read it over about twice, but I plan to study it very carefully, them write a detailed report about it, because I already have several questions about it and George Oakes. For instance, I knew that Cecelia Shepard was stabbed several more times than Brian Hartnell was, but I’d never seen the gruesome and horrible details exposed as they were by Oakes. Also, the “pelican like” description and the “casting out of nines,” are congruent with my own findings, but via a far different approach to the evidence, and directly from my work on the Ramsey ransom note.

  4. That Crime scene was at New Orleans Mall on 10 and Greenfield. I grew up a mile away from there. I was 11 years old and used to go into the effros drugs to buy candy while my mom shopped at the Shopping Center Market in that center. After Mark’s abduction and murder i was never allowed to go into a drug store or any store by myself for a long time. I was just in that center the other day and I always think of Mark whenever im there. I believe the wall in question no longer exists as a new strip center has been built since that time.

    1. So apparently that’s where the public lore came from that the kid’s bodies was “laid out on display.” However, as Cathy has said, her brother, Tim King’s body was apparently “dumped,” face down, and I’d guess probably in haste(?) Very sad, and very diabolical.

      1. These men were/are monsters. Actions by family, friends and law enforcement to protect them were, if not outrightly criminal, immoral and anti-social. Part of what I try to convey in my blog is the additional damage that was done to society by glossing over what really happened and covering the tracks of those who dropped the ball. Minimizing what happened to these kids went beyond suburban panic-control. It was ass-covering and job protecting. The deafening silence from those currently investigating is not much better (“active investigation!!!!!”). These actions reverberate this very minute.

        1. I hear you loud and clear on that. Attorney Lin Wood calls it “righteous indignation.” It is for that very same reason that tend the Ramsey murder case, and primary why I keep tabs on the OCCK case, as well several other crimes that appear to be linked via the documents. Boulder cops systematically and intentionally fouled up the case from the get-go. A key difference was, that fortunately… the then DA Alex Hunter wasn’t buying the cop shop bullshit. The cops straight up lied. Her murder was vicious and 100% direct and intentional, not caused by any accident or otherwise. Stooge cops, that’s for damn certain. The wrong people have been minding the store.

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