After almost 40 years, DNA evidence links a man to the murder of a 9-year-old in Nampa, Idaho.

A 62-year-old man was charged yesterday in Canyon County, Idaho, with the unsolved 1982 murder of Daralyn Johnson, who vanished while walking to school.

It took 20 years of testing pubic hairs found on Daralyn to find a confirmed DNA match, court documents show. In December of 2000, pubic hairs collected were shipped from the Canyon County Sheriff Crime Lab to Bode Labs in Lorton, VA. The lab was then able to build a mitochondria profile from the DNA. Over the years, a few suspects were compared to the profile but none were a match.

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In 2018, the remaining pubic hair samples were sent to the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Edward Green then used “the DNA technique of sequencing to develop a SNP profile (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) to identify a certain stretch of DNA.”

“When you have degraded DNA or DNA in a hair, that’s not really great DNA,” Hampikian said. “The pieces end up being broken, so you get smaller and smaller pieces after a while, but this SNP analysis can be used and we thought it might be able to be used.”

That SNP profile showed that the DNA belonged to a male. The FBI then used the profile to find the Dalrymple family, which court document say included four boys and two girls who lived in Idaho. Investigators narrowed the family down to David Dalrymple, who also lived at a home that would be on Daralyn’s route to school.

These were pubic hairs, not semen evidence. As I have pointed out to the MSP and in this blog, the only hope in this case is to have the hair evidence in the OCCK case sent to Dr. Edward Green at UC Santa Cruz and to use the services of a genetic genealogist. This method was used in the Bear Brook murders case, as I have written about here before.

This is the second case in the last year that the Innocence Project has helped get people out of prison who were wrongfully convicted. Dr. Greg Hampikian from Boise State University is well known for DNA testing. There are so many resources out there the MSP could be tapping. As I have also said, the FBI is lagging here. Quantico isn’t getting this kind of work done.

As a dear friend said when she sent this news link from yesterday: If Idaho can figure it out, I would hope to hell Michigan could.

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  1. Have you asked them if they would do the testing for free or if you could crowdfund to pay for it ?
    Then what excuse would they have ?
    You all have the right to know who did this, that shouldn’t be a favour it’s your right.

  2. Cathy said: “…the only hope in this case is to have the hair evidence in the OCCK case sent to Dr. Edward Green at UC Santa Cruz and to use the services of a genetic genealogist”
    – I heartily agree with you, that’s the best (and perhaps only) hope for another DNA match in OCCK. How can I help? Who, specifically, needs to be pressured/persuaded?

  3. Took a long time to go through all of the C. Williams case reports.
    Wow! All of that tracking & tracing of suspects and victims, and unraveling the web of interconnection…it’s very impressive work IMO!

    Something I found puzzling about the pre- Busch disclosures (by your family) investigations;
    where are the witness claimants for exploitative photo-film images and trafficking of Stebbins, Robinson and Mihelich, by the same perps named with respect to Tim King. If “the point” of the abductions is supposed to have been prostitution of, and production of CSA images featuring, the tragic victims, shouldn’t there be narratives for those three paralleling that of Tim King?

    For example; shouldn’t there be parallels to Lawson’s story about Lamborgine and the alleged photo of Tim King? Where Ted pulls out 3 more pictures and… “and this one looks a lot like the Stebbins boy, and this one like the Robinson girl, and this one like the Mihelich girl…don’t you think?”

    1. Not necessarily. Lawson spoke only about a photo Lamborgine said “Looks like the King boy, don’t you think?” Bob Moore freaked and got angry. One of the lures, a minor at the time, described seeing photos of and interactions with Tim King. A hair that is a mtDNA match to another lure, Vince Gunnels, was found on Kristine Mihelich. What happened to these kids during their captivity and how they were used/sold could have varied and could have involved different, additional participants and could have evolved with each abduction. One or more of those kids was used in child pornography that was connected to people in the suburbs. I believe General Motors Corporate had participants involved. I can’t prove it and no one in law enforcement has been able to do so. Yet.

      1. Thanks, Cathy. So – it’s not that I’ve missed important info…there really aren’t parallel witness/participant narratives for the other 3?
        But if each abduction-[unknown events in captivity]-disposal/recovery of the deceased was unique to itself, there really isn’t AN OCCK – is there? Sounds more like OCCKs and associates.

        1. I have seen no parallel narratives about the other three that mirror this particular narrative in Detroit about Tim. But I do agree there are multiple players involved in these crimes and that no one has been able to really zero in on the participants from the suburbs (aside from Busch and Greene). I would be very, very surprised if there was one diabolical OCCK as the police narrative was for most of the last 40-plus years. What this does indicate is that more people had/have knowledge about these crimes than anyone wants to believe. I think it will be almost shocking how many people knew when we get more complete answers.

      2. Just for clarity’s sake – has there been a recent (last 10 years) OCCK victim and seized pornography match through NCMEC or similar org? That would be news to me, but I’m not wired in like you of course. I wouldn’t say that’s impossible, even at this late date.

        Another oditty, from the info you’ve shared. No mention of Gerald Richard’s films, in the complaint reports on him and on Shelden. From the boy victim’s statements, you’d think he only ever shot photos – but that’s not the case. Richards shot films, there may be some of his in the historic COQ-Golden Boys or Color Climax-Lover boys series. In his testimony back in 1977, he stated that he was under pressure from his BL peers to shoot a film “starring” two specific boys from his “stable”, and had been offered BIG bucks for it, but it never happened (he claimed).
        That sure could be Shelden, offering cash ‘bounty’ for specific content. (And you know what that content was, what scenario these pervs were obsessed with).
        Guy Strait also testified, he was offered “insane” amounts of money to shoot films with that specific content, but he never said by whom. Strait did produce his, one of which involved foster brothers living in Chicago area. Truly sick f*cks, the Better Life crowd.

        1. No, no matches.

          Very good point about no mention of Richard’s films.

          The “BLM” crowd were the sickest of the sick. No doubt.

  4. Cathy said; “One or more of those kids was used in child pornography that was connected to people in the suburbs”.

    If they were abducted prior to Gerald Richards being arrested, perhaps. But after that – the perverts could film,film, film their little brains out – but who could they trust to process that raw film without ratting them out? You can’t see what you can’t process, and neither can anyone else.
    As for the Busch victim’s story about being made to watch “home-made” footage of bound boys being raped, despite the ligature marks on OCCK victims, I doubt that is who was depicted therein. I think, more likely to be two boys living under the domination of a Matriarch & Patriarch that valued “our family’s good name” over the well-being of its members, and remain so dependent on the goodwill of family for their survival, that they never could and probably never will fully disclose all that they experienced and witnessed back then.

  5. Cathy,
    Do you know if LE has a DNA profile for Frank Shelden?
    Thru all the large amount of details, I don’t recall reading that.


    1. I don’t know, but I doubt very much that any relatives of Frank Shelden have been approached about providing a DNA sample. I have not read anywhere that LE determined if he had been buried or cremated or if buried, where.

  6. Cathy,
    Do you know if LE has a DNA profile for Frank Shelden?
    Thru all the large amount of details, I don’t recall reading that.


  7. If a dna sample cannot be obtained from a member of Shelden’s family, another possible source could be from the stamps or envelopes from the 4 letters he mailed in late 1977 before the Jill Robinson murder.
    Given the poor evidence preservation related to the OCCK case, maybe this is too much to ask!
    All this in case the genealogy dna from the 4 hairs is done.
    My hunch after reading all the info provided on this case is that Frank Shelden is the major piece of puzzle still not accounted for.
    He was the kingpin, the organizer, the money man for these crimes that I feel were for the purpose of making snuff films. That’s where the big money was for him.
    I believe the rest of the players have been identified ( Bobby Moore, Ted Lamborgine, Chris Busch, Greg Greene, Arch Sloan and some other lesser players).


    1. I agree, Bob. If Oakland County voters can actually elect a prosecutor who gets things done, all law enforcement players need to be called in to report where this case is on DNA evaluation and investigation into solid tips/info that has come in since Children of the Snow aired (2/19). This prosecutor needs to join forces with Wayne County, who has shouldered much more of the burden in this case than the home county of the four known victims. And I guarantee you, perps in this case lived in that county, too.

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