“History will hold him accountable.”

The oldest case solved so far with genetic genealogy:

Thank you to a reader who sent this with the message: There is always hope.

The detective who solved this 52-year-old murder credited the professionalism and attention to detail shown by the original detectives in evidence collection and storage.

You would think in a case of the magnitude of the OCCK crimes that evidence collection and most certainly storage would have been top notch. Except that evidence went missing (Busch) and some was misfiled and never even compared for decades. I don’t think storage was a big concern when they shut this thing down. “Walk away” seemed to be the approach. I bet if we were allowed into the storage shed where Tim’s skateboard, Jill’s bike and other evidence and information sits unorganized and uncategorized, it would bring us to our knees like a gut punch. Hopefully the magic hairs are viable for additional DNA testing. And hopefully family members of the owner of these hairs are as cooperative as the family described in this video.

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  1. Cathy, is there a way we could all send letters so that someone will pay attention to this case? Is there anyone that is up and coming that would see it as a huge win to solve by pushing to get everything tested, evaluated, and followed up on? Would threat of exposure get them to act? I don’t want to sound ridiculous, but would Fieger, Geraldo, I don’t know who, be interested in blowing this open? Is there any way we can help?

    I know there is more info out there as Cory has a lot more notes. But I wonder what ever happened to all the fingerprints that were going to be evaluated by that expert. What about all the failed polygraphs? Did anyone try to upload the DNA to the Genealogy sites? The answer is out there and it seems most the powers that be in Michigan don’t want it known. Obviously the FBI isn’t a possibility. Would ID Channel consider a follow up?

    Can’t imagine how frustrated all the families must be. Michigan failed all these families, and those in power should be doing all they can to help you, instead of being angry or whatever.

    1. Also if money is the issue for dna testing, can a GoFundMe be done for costs of testing? I would bet that a lot of people would have interest.

    2. The State of Michigan cannot be shamed in this case. No one wants to touch it.


      The MSP HAS TO run the hair evidence found on Mark, Tim and in Arch Sloan’s Bonneville using the most advanced DNA SNP testing and genetic genealogy. They cannot have their cake and eat it, too. The MSP and the OCP made this a DNA case–they cannot back out now. The answer from those hairs will reveal in part why the State of Michigan has prevented this case from being solved. It will all make sense once that name comes out and all the other names associated with him. That’s my prediction for what it’s worth.

  2. Glad Susan’s case was solved. I wish the families could get answers sooner. Since Cory is retired, is there someone actually assigned (detective) currently to the OCCK case, or do they just handle tips as they come in? Sending prayers for justice and resolution.

    1. Det. Street at the MSP is the sole detective assigned to the case. My understanding is that he has this cold case on top of his full-time duties and has no admin help. He himself is responsible for the tip line.

  3. What a amazing story. Yet, something unrelated to it has been haunting me for many years. My intent is not to tarnish the reputation of someone who isn’t alive to defend themselves. Why has know one ever mention Governor Millikan? He was governor during the killings, he was and still is considered northern Michigan royalty. I would have thought he would have been a acquaintance of Frank Sheldon and knew a little bit of N.Fox island because northern Michigan was his home turf. I could be way off track, but it seems he could have done a great deal to help the investigation. More than most politicians.

    1. Worth asking. And NO ONE helped with this investigation. The MSP had an iron grip on this case, perhaps at the insistence of the FBI. No one talked; no one asked questions.

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