Francis (Frank) Shelden, Frank Torey, Peter Zupp, Scott Altman, Wallington Fuger, Jotham Lotring; Gerald S. Richards; Dyer Grossman, Dale Osterman, Elliot Crossman, Elijah Crossman, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Hakim Bey; Adam Starchild, Malcom McConahy.

Dyer Grossman of New Jersey, Frank Shelden of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Gerald S. Richards of Port Huron, Michigan and Adam Starchild of New Jersey, were co-conspirators in a variety of criminal enterprises which involved prostitution, sexual exploitation and pornography involving male minors in the mid-to-late 1970s.

Part of Michigan’s rich history of sexual exploitation of minors. Check it out:

Frank Shelden and associates

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wilson/Bey got some very positive and fawning press coverage on NPR. But he is a communist and a Muslim so he could have bombed every animal shelter and zoo in the country and probably still got positive coverage on NPR.

  2. Wh1tra5hBB DigDeepGoBigAlways says:

    Just wanna let you know i read it and will read it again. Im trippin on the identity change info. Back in the 90s i wanted to do ancestry background on our family and my dad wouldnt give any info. Not even his moms maiden name. He made jokes and avoided all my questions. As for his birth year, once i found a 1943 dime and gave it to hom on his birthday, june 15, and told him because thats the year you were born and he said yes. Then on the funeral prayer card mom printed 1941. So I don’t really know my dad or his side of the family at all. Mom says she doesn’t know anything about his family history either. But mom says his best friend was Richard. I gotta wrap my head round all this. I write later

  3. Judi Coltman says:

    Cathy- I don’t know the source from which this is derived but it is, at the very least, shocking and proves that research and effort can connect the dots – Contact Tracing, if you will. The information is sickening but so is the thought that someone was able to find these specific points and link them and I am guessing it WASN’T ANY BRANCH OF LAW ENFORCEMENT who put the effort in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here NPR gives glowing praise to Wilson/ Bey and his TAZ ( temporary autonomous zones) where anything goes ( especially including paedophilia. )

  5. Robin says:

    Never give up hope.

  6. Jasper Wilcob says:

    I don’t believe it. There’s a biography of Bey by Michael Muhammed Knight called William S. Burroughs vs. the Quran – plenty of biographical info on Bey and the author tries to retrace his steps through the middle east.

    Also, Hakim Bey was an editor of an Iranian Sufi publication in the 1970s – so there is proof he was out of the country during the period mentioned.

    I just don’t believe it. Plus, Hakim Bey has way too much hair. He’s way old and he has way more hair than Dyer Grossman.

  7. Jimmy says:

    I am very interested in the possible Grossman-Wilson/Bey connection. I tried retracing the research done here to the best of my ability and verify any existence of a Peter Lamborn Wilson. I hope the following research is helpful to those interested in this case.

    Wilson/Bey unquestionably had a publishing relationship with Frank Shelden/Tory in the 80s and 90s. However, I was able to find archival evidence of a “Peter Lamborn Wilson” in New Jersey prior to the North Fox Island incident. The 1950 US census lists an Peter L. Wilson as follows:

    Peter L Wilson (4) son in household of Douglas E Wilson (39) in Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA. Born in Maryland. (“1950 United States Federal Census” United States of America, Bureau of the Census; Washington, D.C.; Seventeenth Census of the United States, 1950; Record Group: Records of the Bureau of the Census, 1790-2007; Record Group Number: 29; Residence Date: 1950; Home in 1950: Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey; Roll: 5127; Sheet Number: 24; Enumeration District: 12-215)

    The census entry corroborates that fawning NYT obit of Bey that states he was the only child of “Douglas Emory Wilson,” “an army officer and English professor.” There are also census records for Emory Wilson (1920-2005). Emory Wilson worked at Harvard, not as a professor, but a textual editor of Ralph Waldo Emerson collected works. An obituary that quotes his son “Peter Wilson”/Bey can be found here:

    In addition, the the Rutgers Preparatory School in Somerset, NJ lists “Peter Lamborn Wilson” as a senior student. Wilson is on page 32 and it includes a picture of him. The year book can be accessed here:

    I am wondering if you think these pieces of info invalidate the Grossman-Wilson/Bey theory?

    Regardless, Wilson/Bey was undoubtedly a scumbag who used anarchist philosophizing to justify and promote his perversions. It is absolutely shameful that certain people, and even the media, celebrate him given his lifelong aggressive advocacy of child abuse.

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