Congratulations to Karen McDonald

Congratulations to Karen McDonald on her decisive primary victory over incumbent Oakland County prosecutor Jessica Cooper. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to wake up to this news, and to know that Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has retained her office. If you want to see a prosecutor who stands for something and who, with a high degree of integrity, ministers the difficult role of making sure guilt does not escape, nor innocence suffer, that person is Kym Worthy.

With Patterson and Cooper gone, hopefully Oakland County can gain some kind of a moral compass. Voters should get rid of Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard in November, who has been a true follower of Cooper’s “compass” in action if not belief. He is part of the old guard (if even only as a silent bystander and therefore complicit participant) that played games in the OCCK investigation. Sheriffs answer only to voters and only every four years. He always did Cooper’s bidding and is partisan in his approach. If there is a decent replacement, send this guy packing, too.

But for now it seems just that Dracula is finally relegated to dust. Her smarmy Renfield will hopefully do less damage in the private sector. This is a start, Oakland County. Sunshine and transparency will help disinfect. It is never too late to right old wrongs and proceed with a cleaner slate.

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  1. Do we know whether or not Karen McDonald has said anything about the OCCK cases? Certainly, she cannot be any worse than Cooper but will she be better? What if the Republican candidate states he/she will take a deep look into the cases? Should people vote for THAT candidate in November instead of McDonald?

    1. I’ve got to imagine that with McDonald talking about progressive criminal justice reform and systemic racism, that she would be more open to working with Wayne County on cases like OCCK. At the very least, she should see how bad the optics are for Oakland County to be openly hostile to Kim Worthy

      1. I believe Karen McDonald is very willing to work with Wayne County and Kym Worthy. Optics aside, when you look at how much work Kym Worthy’s office has done on this case, an Oakland County prosecutor would be a fool (or dirty), not to join forces.

    2. Livoniaguy, I do know that Karen McDonald reached out to my Dad and communicated with him quite a few times. I believe Lin Goetz has contacted my Dad as well. Oakland County voters will have to pay close attention to that race. And I agree, no one could be any worse than Cooper has been (or Patterson, for that matter).

  2. Haven’t lived in OC (or even Michigan) since 1983 so I am more pleased about this than I reasonably have a right to be—or maybe there’s just not much to feel good about these days and we gotta get it where and how we can. A rare victory for meritocracy is worth crowing over for its own sake, right? A rare instance of pugnacious intractablilty thrown out on its ass?

  3. Love all the replies about Cooper! Glad she’s outta of here. I have recently moved back to Oakland County and I, for one, am happy Cathy keeps us updated on the “trash” here that needs to be taken to a dumpster! I didn’t know about Mike Bouchard until reading Cathy’s update this morning about the election. I’ll be sure to vote his arse out in November.

  4. Cathy,

    Thank you for all you and your family have done to get the information out on this investigation and to move it forward. I hope your dad is doing well and is feeling some sense of closure that the people involved in this travesty are being exposed. I sense a major shift in your frame of mind since when you first started this blog. You have gone from being very angry to motivated, educated and empowered. You have been a driving force in accomplishing the progress that has been made. You have brought encouragement to everyone who was affected by what happened to these kids and to the southeastern Michigan community. Thank you! I hope you have personally found some measure of peace.


    Terri Bryan

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